feeling anxious (post also for healthy eating)

today I got my invitation, now in writing. Feeling very anxious after seeing it. Hen night (also henna night) having Pizzas and partying.

Dreading it now. I know i shouldn't be but the word "PIZZA" and I'm already freaking out. I don't know what to do so I turned to this to put an ease to my mind. Once upon a time i ate pizza at my hearts content, now i just want to run from it.

2nd. Partying. Ive never partied before and i wouldn't know where to start as I'm a lot more of an old soul.

Im feeling very anxious about calories, on top of calories, on top of calories because when it comes to working out I'm already in pain and that feeling of guilt just before the painful workouts kick in and i don't forgive myself, I'm not the kind of person that says that ok i ate junk food now i have to move on, I'm not like that i punish myself. I freak out just before and so much bad stuff follow on.

Not looking forward to this and worrying what to do as i don't want the bride to be to feel that she's not eating or having good time although she's knows what I'm like, but still it is her night and i don't want to be rude, so feeling very anxious and not so happy or even safe at the moment, so i think that il work out so hard, and then eat pizza but that won't help, it will just make matters worse.

so i turned to health unlocked to open up to with my worries and anxiety and i dredd to think about the food at the wedding.

what to wear? is another story itself, but one storm at a time

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  • Oh Nsidra, you must allow yourself a break. Plan ahead, have a light breakfast and lunch to leave some calories for the Pizza and a drink. You can limit yourself to one or two slices - eaten slowly, and maybe make up a salad (for everyone) to take, to have with it, so it looks like you have a plateful? Healthy eating is for life, and life has to be lived. Weight goes up and then down, on a day by day basis, but so long as you have more good days than bad, you will stay in control. Don't stress too much, and enjoy choosing your outfit - that should be one of life's pleasures!

  • thank you :)

  • Dartmoor dumpling is right, try to relax, if you know where you are going, pre check the menu, lots of places tell the calories in their foods.

    If we say that this night out will say 'cost' 2000cals, maybe try and save a few before hand, as in bank them , for you to use, I think lots of us tend to pre plan, it certainly helps me.

    Take care

  • Slim people overeat too remember! the difference is that they don't stress about it, but just move on. Life is about going out and eating out occasionally. Go out, eat what you want and move on. It's pizza for goodness sake - that's all - nothing to get wound up about. Give yourself a night off, enjoy it and get back on track the next day. Do not feel guilty. Nobody else there will feel bad the next day (unless overindulgence in alcohol :-) ) You are not going to put on a stone overnight from some pizza.

  • I will put something on. N it's not pizza for goodness sake if it was only pizza than there wouldn't be obesity. I was stressed but your comment I did not appreciate thank you. If I feel guilt it means I'm doing something right and keeping to moderation thank you. I worked very hard to get to where I am and I think I'm in every right to write abut any anxiety I have as this place is the only place I find comforting and supportive thank you

  • Try not to stress. Try looking at it from the perspective that's it's really nice that you have friends who have invited you to their hen night. Some people don't have that. Your diet should just be part of your life, in the balance. But I know what you mean, I freak out every time I get invited to something that involves food or alcohol!

    Like others have said, just try to save up a bit more calories for the days running up to the event. Then at the event, mention it to people in like a jokey way. Something like, sorry for being boring, but I know if I I start eating I will go overboard and never stop, or something. Most people will empathise. Then try and just eat the minimum of 'bad' food you can. One slice of pizza, and take your own salad with you. One small slice of a cake, but no other sweets or whatever.

    It has to be about moderation. So you are allowed to go over your calories on special occasions. It's just about how you decide what those occasions are. I know people who think that anything and everything counts as a special occasion and they are obese. But I think a hen do is reasonable to make an exception at. (unless you have loads of friends having hen dos, In which case, just pick the ones you like the most!).

    Good luck.

    Im sure you'll have a fab time once you're there. It sounds fun! X

  • Thank you 😊

  • Will You Please help my son with Depresson


  • I can't and don't know how

    There is a forum here about anxiety I suggest he joins that

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