Lost my mojo since Monday😕

Lost my mojo since Monday😕

Over the last few days I have really struggled to get my steps in I seem to be struggling energy wise I have absolutely no energy.

However doing the normal things cleaning cooking etc the usual daily things we get up to. I need to give myself a good shake up and a kick up the bun!!!!

Anyway today I made some breadcakes pictured and lemon tarts not pictured so not to tease anyone (for Mr T ) to accompany the homemade rustic vegatable soup which was very tasty.

I usually cook this soup once a week of late to use up the veg in the fridge which in a padt life normally would have been thrown out.

I will and aim to make more of an effort tomorrow.

Hope everyone is sticking to the healthy eating plan and remember the weekend isn't far away.☺


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17 Replies

  • Hi Trulyplumptious,

    Sorry to hear your mojo has left you a bit this week, but hopefully you can get it back, and enjoy the remainder of the week with a bit more energy. Your bread buns look delicious! I bet they went really well with the homemade Rustic Vegetable soup - lovely combination!

    Wishing you a good few days ahead and a really good weekend.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thank you Lowcal

    Yes I did have a taste of bread cake (bit of Mr T's) but it did lack a good slither of Lurpack butter.

    I am a sucker for bread only have it for breakfast usually, could eat it every meal.

    I am sure I will have turned the corner tomorrow.

    However just been reviewing my Nutracheck 1500 calories per day but i am not using them all and realise I am probably running on 1000 1200 - maybe that may explain my lethargy. Not enough fuel going in.

    Have a good weekend ☺

  • Yum veggie soup. And homemade bread is the best. Im sure your mojo will return, its good you are eating healthy anyway. Xx

  • Hope so x thanxs ☺

  • Your mojo won't have gone far, it's just playing hard to find. I'm sure after a good sleep tonight you'll be right back on track tomorrow. 😴😀

  • Aww thank you ☺

  • Maybe it is something in the air...I feel very much the same and very emotional. :( I hope you feel more energetic soon! :)

    Sazkia x

  • Snap same here........ things should be fine for both of us tomorrow fingers crossed. 👍

  • I hope so...my healthy eating went right out the window - lets just say chocolate was eaten, and plenty of it!!! :P

    I'm not beating myself up for it though, it's the first major blip and I'm on week 11 now so I think it's pretty normal. I'm simply going to dust myself down, start to eat healthy again and move forward. Sometimes it is about getting back up that counts...normally (my old self) would have given in permanently after doing what I dd last night but nope, not this time! :)

    Good luck hun and I hope you feel much better today!! :D x ♥

  • It is not about how you fall, but about how you get back up ♥

  • Perfectly said, Iben! ;) x ♥

  • Energy levels can fluctuate with no seeming rhyme or reason, or so it seems sometimes!

    Awesome that you did baking and made soup so pat yourself on the back for that!

    I'm sure your energy will return soon!


  • Aw thanks Ruby I know what you mean.

    Yes I love baking I find it therapeutic ☺

    Hug accepted 😄

  • It's dark and cold! I feel the same. Those rolls look so yummy

  • Thank you. Hope you feel more yourself soon.☺

  • Hi and don't worry I went off track last week we all have our ups and downs.

    I think this time of year as the season changes and the darker nights approach we can feel a little disheartened but soon a little sparkle comes our way with Christmas lights to look forward.

    I am making some Christmas gifts to busy myself and keep my mind off snacking seeing as I can't go out into the garden after 7pm but then again maybe I should garden by streetlight the neighbours already think I'm eccentric anyway.

    Rustic soup sound fab have you put the recipe on the forum post?

    Hope you get over your blip and back on track weekend to look forward to yeah!


  • Hi Bev

    Thank you for your support. Yes your right the nights are drawing in.

    I love my garden and like you I am a little eccentric. Even been known to garden in leopard print pyjamas substantial very Bridget Jones type pyjamas.

    I just go out to straighten something and before you know it I have the long handled fork in my hand airiating.

    As you have said weekend coming - enjoy ☺

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