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Shop for the week

Shop for the week

Today I went and did a shop. I went to my local Aldi and did a £20 shop and brought the healthiest of foods , this has made me feel alittle better about the henna and the wedding. I took the pictures is Aldi and I'm guessing now when I walk in people must think here comes the crazy lady with her camera iPhone at least it's a 6plus, now theres a plus 😂 ( sorry getting of the point although my friend has banned me from saying anything where I'm not getting to the point) 😂 My friends know now that I take pictures of the healthy stuff so to them I'm crazy but I don't care , they are my friends and there is some truth in that as I'm not the type to welcome flattery just honesty and they have given me their honest opinions and advice so hey I'm crazy what the heck, it helps me a lot, keeps me on track and know how to discipline my self.

I'm watching where the heart is, and then of for an LISS.

Im actually getting a delivery but it's an LISS to me , some walking again and eating well working out well and hard even through the soreness which I don't mind as that's motivating and been listening to my body, and then I hope to have lost some weight and then be happy on the wedding and be ok.

Its just my arms are a huge problem and stomach as because of them I do feel I'm very fat but still gonna keep up with what I'm doing as I've been told to do the same as what i do and have kept up with.

I basically shocked my lil sister of my weight loss and she has asked me for advice but i have told her 75% of what I've done to help her in her journey because it's not just about working out and eating healthy it's so much more than that 😊👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😊

I have done the arms, abs and full body workouts from kayla app. I will post a picture of what i brought and I am looking forward to meal prepping.


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Hi Nsidra

Your shopping looks very healthy indeed! :-) Great that you're all prepared now for some really healthy meals ahead, and wishing you a great week!

Lowcal :-)


I can recommend the frozen tuna steaks from Aldi as well. You are going to have some delicious dinners this week. Xx


It looks like mine, mine was a more 'stock up' shop, I also stocked up on canned tomatoes, Passata and canned chick peas, all good staple healthy stuff, and fresh stuff of course.

You seem really excited about everything which is lovely, it's great news food wise too

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