Having a bad week

So, I am having a horrendous week, with quite a bit of stress. I have taken my eye of the ball a bit, (not massively, have just been 'relaxed' about what I eat) and expecting this week to be a maintain rather than a loss. Which is ok I guess. I just arrived home from work desperate for a binge. Just to buy a bag of chocolate pretzel bites and consume the whole lot with a cup of coffee. But, I bought rich tea and ate about 8 of them dunked in coffee, with 2 squares of milk chocolate on the side. So...that might be better? And the urge feels satisfied.

It is that urge in times of stress, to just eat. It's almost like an outlet of some kind. I must admit it is difficult to maintain that thought process of 'what shall I eat that can tick all the boxes' when I feel this way. Still, the crisis moment has passed.

Deep breath.

Thanks for listening.



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8 Replies

  • But my reckoning thats about 380 calories so not a complete disaster depending on what meals you have today. If I ever feel like that I tend to have a banana and skyr yoghurt, really yummy and a lot more nutritious and fills you up for longer than biscuits do. My advice would be to have healthier swaps on hand for times like this.

  • I eat so many bananas, I just wanted something munchy, and naughty too I guess! We had oreos in the house but at least I bypassed eating them!

  • Hi Ruby,

    Sorry to hear you're having a bad week. I hope that it gets better and that the scales are kind to you this week. Besides, one day out of seven isn't too bad and, as Caz28 says, it's not too bad depending on what your meals were like today.

    Glad the crisis has passed. :D

  • Vegetable lasagna with lots of green salad, and fresh orange juice. It all depends what I have for supper I suppose!

  • I get you, but don't drag yourself down; it's done now so just dust yourself off. :)

    I get really emotional a week before my totm and today my head is achy and I just want to curl up and scream I'm that emotional...oh and I REALLY want chocolate - as in a ton of the stuff! I haven't given in yet but feeling very fragile today. I have no reason to be stressed; yes, I attended a job interview today but that went well, I think. Anyway, I meant to say I totally understand what you meant about resorting to comfort eating when stressed and it does not get easier (I am really feeling it at the moment, so badly). :(

  • Sorry to hear you're having a bad week! But sometimes cravings need to be fulfilled!

    When I really need something like this I have fat free Greek yoghurt, half a chopped up banana with half a handful of bran flakes (for the crunch) and a teaspoon drizzle of honey for sweetness.

    I also have sunbites or tesco's individual popcorn packs sometimes, as the sweet ones are nice and only 50-60 calories per pack? It feels like you get loads in each pack so if u nibble them slowly they're a nice treat :)

    I also have chocolate alpen light bars as these are about 70 calories each so not too bad for a snack! :)

    Just wanted to give some snacking suggestions, tho I'm sure you've heard them before they just really help.me when I want to eat cake and biscuits!

  • Thanks guys. I do have all sorts of things in the cupboard, oatcakes, go ahead apple bars, sweet chilli sunbites...there's yogurt in the fridge, but in moments like this it has to be naughty!!!! To be fair to myself this doesn't happen often, c'est la vie!

    Thanks too Sazkia, it's good to be got! Hope you feel better soon, and good luck about the job!


  • It's Saturday and I weighed myself this morning, miraculously all is well, in spite of my random biscuits and bits of pie!! I'll save it for the Monday weigh in!

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