I will get back to my correct weight!

I'm new here, weight, like age, has been creeping up on me. I remember being 9st6lbs for ages - how long ago..... 15 years perhaps. Then it crept up and I though, no worries, there are bigger people out there, I'm ok.

The other day, the scales said 10st 8lbs and I shrieked. Actually, this was an error, but it did shock me into taking action. I'm 54 years old, 5ft 2in (or maybe 3in) and currently weigh in at 10st 6lb. I'd love to be down in the average weight/height ratio and get to 9st 6lbs, so that is my goal. Any near near it is a bonus too. I'm on the 12 week programme which takes me to Christmas.... uh-oh!


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  • Hi and welcome, have you checked your calorie allowance on the bmi calculator? The 12 week plan does work, I lost an average of 1lb per week, so your target is very doable by Christmas. Good luck!

  • Thanks for that Caz - I did, and am religiously following my calorie allowance :( That's good to hear as 1lb a week would be great.

  • Hello, well I'm the same age as you , 5'4" tho. So what has changed, any ideas?

    As Caz says 1lb a week is very realistic

  • Hi Diana - nice to hear you're the same age. When you say "what has changed" not sure what you mean, but the answer may be - I woke up one morning and said "what am I.... man or mouse" and instead of squeaking I thought "I'm getting rid of this fat!" I think it just dawned on me that I could creep up and up and up if I do nothing except make token gestures towards weight loss. I have to stop the gradual increase and am stopping now! Bit naughty, haven't read your profile but will do so in a min, but have you been working towards a goal?

  • Normally something happens for thar weight to come on, I know what triggered mine, my light bulb moment happened when I turned 50, 4 years ago reached my then goal weight, and then continued to lose more weight.

    I have recently had a dental implant so trying to keep off added sugar

  • Good for you Diana - I suppose I did have a light bulb moment... that I was kidding myself I wasn't really THAT overweight! The BMI checker was a wake up call!

  • The main thing you've started your journey now

  • As the others say, yes quite achievable! Just keep within the recommended calorie allowance for your current size. Use the BMR checker at regular intervals to recalculate this, as you may need to reduce calories ( or increase activity) even further for the final few pounds.....the last few pounds always seem to be the hardest to lose! Alternatively, just accept a generous period of maintenance then make another stab at it.

    Two years ago I was 12st... at least 2st overweight for 5ft 5. It took ages but I lost it slowly. I then stuck at 9st 13 for around a year, then recently had another burst and have shed another 4 pounds. But be kind to yourself and don't panic if things move too slowly or if you fall off the wagon one week, we've all done that and there's plenty of support on here. ☺

  • Wow, well done you - I do wonder if losing a smaller amount is almost more difficult that losing a large amount. But I suppose any weight loss is a struggle. I'd love to be 9st 9lb..... wow, haven't been that weight since my 30's! Thanks for the motivation, that's just the story I need to hear.

  • It's sometimes us very difficult to lose the last few pounds, I had a while back periods of intense hormonal bloating ( OK I got tablets for it).

    I made myself go to plateau mode, and was quite ruthless with myself, and sometimes I seemed to lose weight without really trying, bodies strange and yet amazing at the same time!

    The bmi guide, you can make with the waist to height measurements too, which some say is more effective, your choice which to use.

  • Of course you can be 9st 9 again....or less .Just keep at it and you'll get there.... especially at your tender age 😊 I am ten years older, but for you it'll be a walk in the park 😁!!!

  • Oh, yes, I forgot to say, interesting about using the BMR(I?) checker.... I was wondering about that.

  • Hope you have a good week..

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