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I have brought a new slaters scale but what is worrying me is that I'm getting different readings one day after another.

my stones and pounds for body is


13.08 before 1 day before a 10:06

I've forgotten which goes before the other

i fit in to a size 14 and sometimes thats lose for me ?

but want to know how much i weigh because i keep thinking these are wrong and that they are supposed to be more.

on top of this I've been invited to a henna and a wedding and i don't know what to wear. Ive been told to go as i don't get out much to go to places, i just stick to the necessary things. Now my weight is becoming an issue because you always want to look good in photos and i feel i won't and the pictures will bring out all my fat/heffa and obese side.

its on the 15th and that is becoming an issue for me.

yesterday i did a Kayla, arm and abs work out, so my abs are sore from that and I've not been keeping well. i burnt both my elbows on the carpet whilst getting up , Im thinking of booking an appointment with a doctor so he/she can get me an accurate weight number for me so I'm not obsessing over this so i then can easily work from there. I was going to go to the pharmacy and have it checked there but I'm not sure they do and I'm worried that they might ask me to get undressed so that worries me a lot.

sometimes with this weight malachy business i don't know what to do. Im not the kind of person to obsess over this, i just get on with it as I'm very determined personal, I've turned my motivation in to discipline. motivation comes and goes whereas discipline stays with us. I'm just obsessing about the fact that the weight scale is all wrong and the numbers it is giving are all wrong so what to do, dunno bout that.

i dont want this to effect me coming up to the henna and then the wedding, all the hard work I'm putting in, i want to see some results if not a lot in the photos which I'm presuming there will be, I've not been to a wedding in over 13 years, see I've never been invited to one ever and now i have been and i have forgotten the first things about them.

Everything i knew, all gone out of the window. now is my weight issue, thats standing out a lot and i don't know what to do. I've been told about the wedding invitation just this morning and now I'm doing nothing but stressing out.

Im a girl and i want to look good basically. i don't mean to sound obnoxious or like the sound of my own voice because these are 2 false statements you see coz of how i was before, i hated taking pictures of myself let alone seeing my self in them, coz of my weight issue i don't know what it was to look I'm going to be brave and come out and say it, pretty, so due to this i would stay in the back ground, never to come forth and now its a wedding , so il be right there for everyone to see, if any ladies are reading this they would agree that we need to look good in pictures and il be in nice clothes so i want to do them all justice.


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Hi nsidra,

Have you thought about possibly going into a place like Boots and using their scales there? They would give you a print-out of your weight, and it should be quite accurate. You'd need to ensure you wore the same clothes on the times you weigh, but essentially that would be a great comparison then.

Also, have you used the NHS BMI calculator, because that can tell you how your weight is in relation to the BMI - and whether you are in a healthy range or not. If your weight is in a healthy range, then essentially you'll be fine - you do look good in the photos you've posted of yourself - I think you look lovely.

I feel sure you will also look lovely when you go to the Wedding you're due to attend. Maybe talk to a friend about choosing outfits to wear - as that can be fun to do.

If you don't know where to look for the NHS BMI calculator, let me know, and I'll give you the link, if you want me to.

Wishing you a great week.

Lowcal :-)


Thank you fir your lovely message and compliment. I'm not sure where to look for the NHS BMI calculators could I please have the link if it's no trouble 😊


Hi Nsidra,

Here is the link:


Lowcal :-)


If the issue with the scales is causing you so much stress have you considered maybe taking your measurements instead to track your progress. Not just the usual chest, waist and hips, but upper arms and thighs as well. After all your weight in lbs is just a number, it doesn't tell you how well your clothes are going to fit. Good luck, and enjoy the wedding. Marian


Thank you 😊


Blimey there's a lot going on there! First of all, get yourself weighed at the pharmacy. You can often do it yourself and you definitely do not need to take your clothes off! Some machines give a printout of your weight which is a handy record. Weigh yourself then in the same clothes weekly. If there is not a machine, then ask at the counter - I am sure they will help and will give you some motivation to stay on track. Secondly, this wedding! In my experience you can wear whatever you like and nobody bats an eyelid any more. Get advice from a family member or friend who knows what you look good in. Perhaps even treat yourself to something new? Thirdly, size 14 is not big!!! There are lots of people who would love to be a size 14. I know you might think it's bigger than you would like to be, but really you certainly are not fat/heffa or obsese! The people who invited you to the wedding did so because they want you to be there and they love you for who you are and how you look now. Most people are more concerned about how they look than will be worried about how you look. Go to the wedding and enjoy it.


Very well said Sue-S ! ☺

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My NHS doctor lets you sign up to a weekly weigh-in with it's pharmacy. Could you track down something like this to allow you to weigh in at a set time every week on the same trusted scales?

This also takes away the temptation of weighing yourself throughout the day/week - I find I gain 2-3 lbs throughout the day so don't recommend weighing this way. It can be incredibly disheartening to eat nothing but a healthy set of meals just to find you've gained three pounds the next day!

The wedding is quite soon, so if I were you I would try to stop worrying about how you'll look in the photos (they can be unflattering to the thinnest of people) and focus on what will make you FEEL good to wear. Just go and enjoy yourself. Know that you're trying to improve your weight and any slightly unflattering photos (if there are any - i'm sure you'll look lovely) will be good to reflect on further down the line to show your progress!

Good luck!


To everyone who commented on my blog above, thank you so much for lovely comments and compliments. I am very appreciative and wil do as recommended

Thank you I will try and enjoy the henna hen night and the wedding and will post the pictures in the day and night 😊


Please try and relax, some of us weigh in daily, I do and use the same clothes, same time of day and an app, called happy scale, which gives you a weekly average. I got a bit disheartened with the weekly weigh in.

I think at this point for you, it's not productive, choose a wedding outfit that flatters you, and fits in the most flattering places, enjoy looking good.

In the meantime do the 12 week nhs plan, or whatever dietary plan you are on, and enjoy

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