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Up-date from Siouxie (Not sure where I should be typing) sorry for copy&paste repeat)

Checking in after quite a time of it - hubbie had a heart-scare which is the kind of stress that would normally drive me towards a Ripple or 4. Everything is now OK and actually, apart from missing the Monday weigh-in which I wanted to do and keeping in weekly touch here, I am pleased with myself for still trying to follow the NHS 12 wk diet.

1. I am finding it difficult to consume 1400 calories per day only - not just the hassle of tracking but thinking ahead thing to plan menus and stick to them whilst cooking for family too. BUT I did hit that target on 4 days out of 10 and other days were not far over. That "fruit-reaching" habit people speak of was a good tip, thank you.

2. I have also increased my exercise regime but yet to get regular swimming session going. (Easier to do in Winter I reckon). However, I did cycle 5 (yes 5) miles without stopping in at the pub (which is why I usually cycle somewhere). Sunshine of late really helped with that decision. Go on, get on your bike! You burn absolutley loads of calories if you go uphill.

3. Updating HealthUnlocked now

4. Only forgot breakfast once in 10 days

5. Still going so not procrastinating despite HUGE temptation. If you fell off the waggon this week, don't give up. It was a blip, we all have them, keep it going, people!

6. Ot-oh, watched recent newscaster does High-Fat-Low-Carb diet on iPlayer and I believe them. I agree that if you do any diet you can loose weight which is a good thing but this is a marathon, ladies and gentlefolk, not a sprint so lets not get distracted at the moment - all these dietary ideas have some set-back or other (like no fruit, sugar, carbs in the above case) and in my heart, balance feels best.

Thank you to all those peeps with encouraging comments above. Nice not to feel alone.

Over and out, Siouxie

(Yes, Anna61, Banshees were extraordinary in their day)

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Hi Siouxie,

Sorry to hear that your hubby had a heart-scare, and I hope he's doing fine now.

Wishing you success with your goals, you have written an excellent list and achieved quite a few things, so well done! :-)

Enjoy your week.

Lowcal :-)


Hello again Siouxie 😊

Glad hubby ok😕 What a scare you must have had! And also happy to hear you are into your second week 😊 Remember it's a learning curve, you won't get it right all the time, especially at the beginning 😊

If you struggle with 1400 calories, check your BMR and it may suggest more calories😊

And you can still log your weight on Mondays weigh in thread as it's open until Friday, or wait until Monday and just say it's over two weeks 😊 But you have lots of other positives apart from the numbers in the scales 😊😊😊


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