Try again tomorrow

Oh dear today my willpower lapsed a bit today as the continental market was in town, I ended up eating churros and a hog roast bap and have gone over my daily allowance by a good 1000 calories. I really enjoyed the food but I'm currently trying to stop myself from eating more unhealthy food. I have done well so far this evening eating fruit and as someone suggested to me a few dates. Not sure why my brain becomes a child when it comes to food.


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7 Replies

  • Mummiedebbie, tomorrow is another day. You haven't blown it all, just had a blip. Best of luck with your willpower tomorrow

  • Never mind, roast pork is hard to resist! Everyone has these days. Well i do anyway, lol. Just carry on eating healthily as if it never happened, youll be fine xx

  • Don't panic I went off track last week with brownie and M & M's but managed to maintain thank goodness and as everyone says get back on track, I have done so damage is limited.

    With all these Christmas markets coming up the churro will be calling me too, I will have to stop at 1 though or the whole lot will go lol.

    Best wishes Bev

  • Hi Debbie

    We all have those times/ days.its done with so we then start again.

    Don'beat yourself up ,as you say you enjoyed it.

    So long as it's not all the time that you eat the wrong things .

    Good luck

  • Oh dear m a minor see a lot of our relationship with food, is about how we connect with it, feast, famine, celebration, sugar to cheer us.

    When we unravel the whys/how's and tackle the addictions then we make progress, just get distracted , by sonmething more consuming

  • Yes, just keep going, this journey is a continuum , not 'success'/'failure' from day to day. I have just come back from a holiday and more or less consumed freely what I fancied. I made a decision that I was going to do that.

    Now I'm back I'm heading back on track and have made a decision to do that as well. There's no need to be hard on yourself.

  • 1000 calories extra one day is manageable - try cutting down the rest of the week by 200 calories per day and you'll pull it back easily - we all have to have a blow out occasionally - it's only human - it's when you can't get back on track the next day or later the same day when it becomes a problem

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