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Just signed up. In desperate need of support and motivation!

Hi, I have just signed up and really need some motivation. I am currently doing slimming world (for about the 5th time) but I'm really struggling. I have 3st to lose and want to lose the majority of this before Christmas if possible but don't really know where to start. Any help or advice would be much appreciated 😊

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Heya, welcome! This forum is very friendly and great for support and motivation. Im starting out aswell, have lost a few pounds but its slow. Perhaps if you struggle with a specific thing you could search for posts on it in the top right, or if that dosent help then write a detailed post. Im sure you will get lots of advice. ☺

Generally i find the thing that helps me the most is taking one day at a time, and not putting pressure on myself to do this quickly.

Wishing you lots of success.


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Be kind to yourself s of2410. I am finding an online calorie counting app very helpful. I ground to a halt with slimming world as my portion control on free foods was nonexistent. It also gives you extra for exercise ( including walking) so is a good motivation to do stuff that kick starts the metabolism - very important if you have dieted lots of times before.

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Have a look at NHS 12 week plan some great advice and tips. Be realistic about how much can lose in time. Good luck


I am currently doing slimming world as well.

I ground to a halt around Easter - and I couldn't figure out why. I did not partake in the chocolate-feast as others did around me and yet still the weight loss stopped.

I recommend if you're wanting to continue with slimming world, go right back to basics. Weigh everything - even if you're sure you know it. Write down everything you eat - make sure you're having enough speed food and HEX's. SW has changed so much in the last two years, so make sure you're up to date with what new syn values are etc. If you're not going to a group - try going to get yourself back into the swing of things.

However if SW is definitely not working for you - have you considered starting fresh with the 12 week NHS plan? I've not tried it but it clearly works for a lot of people on here and might be just what you need :)


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