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Feeling fit

Hi everyone I am just conveying the feel good factor from 2 visits to gym swimming, and one fast walk, weight had actually gone down to 10st 3lb so have to record it while it is down. The second sock is getting longer, now at the heal!! Its a great day here today sunny and windy I like that blustery feeling makes me want to run with a kite, ( could get me certified at the age of 67!!)

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Hi SkinnyLizzie,

Great to see you! Great that you're conveying the Feel Good Factor - and you had those exercise sessions, they sound great!!! :-) Wow, you're getting your weight down, you're in the lower 10's now. Really well done!

If you do decide to act on that thought of running with the Kite, then enjoy it!!! :-) I don't think they'll Certify you!!! We'll vouch for you!

Wishing you an excellent week ahead.

Lowcal :-)


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