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Newbie and need to lose 5st

I have tried every diet going and I'm currently doing slimmingworld(badly) but I really need to lose this 5st which I have been carrying around for the last 19years since having my son. Times ticking by and my joints are aching , I just seem to sabotage it every time and thought maybe with the support of this group I could achieve it this time!

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Hi Pinner66

Welcome to the forum which is encouraging, supportive and non judgemental. Take a look at the pinned posts section to the right of the screen especially the newbies post.

Join any challenges you wish

Find out your calorie allowance using the NHS online BMI checker

Drink around 1.5 litre of water a day

I use a fit bit to record calories, steps etc

If you are carrying on with the slimming world diet then that's fine I am doing the 12 week plan which you can download here and am currently re doing it on week 20 ( so week 8 2nd time around) as I too have a lot to loose. It is so easy nothing is forbidden you just have to add it in your allowance hence you make better choices.

We have all been or am still working towards our goals with the help from this site.

I started after many failed diets lasting about 6 weeks at a time 20 weeks ago at 17.1 now I am 14.7 it is amazing how much support you get from others in the same boat.

I started my journey after like yourself carrying weight around for many years, family crisis and depression added to it but here you can do this it is free and there's always someone to get back to you, advise if you need it.

Firstly don't think big I have 5 stone to loose give yourself a small goal achieve it then move on. Many of us are doing the winter soLstice challenge which would be a good mini goal for you to start with. You give your starting weight and how much you would like to loose by Dec 22nd and weigh in weekly on Mondays as the usual weigh in date is. If you meet your target buy yourself something sparkly for Christmas.

Good luck keep posting your journey and shout out if you need help.

Best wishes Bev


Hi Bev

Thank you for the reply, your group sounds so supportive. Can you tell me how I can do the winter solstice?and also where do I go on here for the Monday weigh ins? Sorry not very computer minded. I feel very inspired now, what I normally do is sign up for a weight group and manage to lose just under a stone and then I stop going . Not this time 😀 .i have hip and knee pain from arthritis and I'm worried I will develope diabetes if I don't sort it out now , being 50 and 15st 2 I'm at great risk . Thanks again.



Hi each Monday a post is put on here just like you have just done and it's for the normal Monday weigh in and then one for the winter solstice you just click to read and answer on reply your start weight then the week after do the same again showing gain, maintain or loss of weight.

I am 56 and joints were aching arthritis in my right hip but even after 2.8 stone weight loss I can feel the benefit more energy and less aches even though I am still quite overweight.

I saw the programme on diabetes on Monday night and it certainly gives a fantastic reason to loose weight.



Hello Pinner66

I needed to lose 4st and would last a couple of weeks and then go back to my old ways. Achy hips and knees didn't help, then I found this forum. Join in the monday weigh in, having to weigh myself once a week and putting it on here for all to see gives me the motivation to carry on. I've really got into doing my workouts and the feeling at the end of them makes it all worthwhile. I started off with gentle low impact exercises and stretches and know after 2 months am able to HIIT cardio.

You will find all the support you need on this forum as there are many of us in the same boat. Good luck and go for it.


You have done great advice there 😊 I just want to wish you good luck and best wishes 😊

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Hi Pinner66,

Welcome!!! Great that you're joining the forum, and I hope you'll enjoy participating in everything, and that you find your way around ok, I can see you've had some great help in orientating yourself, so hopefully you'll get used to how the forum works, and we'll see you around and about.

Good luck with your goals.

Lowcal :-)

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