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Hello all

Hi Peeps, well I guess I'm on here for the same reasons as everyone else, too much lard and need to get healthy. I need to shed at least 3 stone but would like 3-4. I haven't sorted out what exercise i'm going to be doing yet, I would like to do badmington, so if there is anyone in the Bridgwater area of Somerset that would like to play let me know, also going to look into aqua aerobics. good luck everyone and speak again soon.

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Hi Kaz4

Welcome to the NHS Weight Loss Forum. It's a very friendly, encouraging and helpful site, where we are all on the same journey to health.

If you haven't already, please read the Welcome Newbies post. It's in the Pinned Posts section, to the right of your screen, (bottom if you're on a mobile). It has a link to the NHS 12 week plan, which is a great place to start. It doesn't give a specific diet plan, but gives guidelines for healthy eating. Also take a look at the Topics section beneath that, for posts that could answer any questions you may have. You may also like to check out how many calories you should have each day using the BMI checker.

Perhaps consider joining in our challenges, they're fun to do and help with motivation.

Join us for the Monday Group weigh-in. If you 'follow' Lowcal and moreless (our very approachable site Admins), you'll be notified when they post the threads. The latest weigh-in thread can always be found in the Events section, to the right of the home page. The weigh in is entirely voluntary, but I find it helps keep me accountable.

Be active on the forum, as that's where we exchange ideas and get our daily dose of motivation and inspiration. 😄

Enjoy the forum, and I wish you success with your goals.

Good luck 😀

Mouse 🐭


Welcome! Wishing you lots of success. Xx


Start by chucking out the sugar laden tempting food and drink; plan some healthy meals and shop for colourful fruit and veg, fresh fish and meat and take an interest in the what you eat. Exercise doesn't even have to be sport...even cleaning the car or mowing the grass counts, just so long as you are moving more. Read the posts on this forum for inspiration! Let us all know how it goes, good days and the not so good days too. It is so worth doing....


Good luck and best wishes 😊


Hi. I do aqua gym. I go with a friend so we enjoy a good laugh while toning up. I'm sure aqua aerobics will be just as good. Enjoy 😊


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