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•away from home •

•away from home •

today I'm not at home but pulling an all nighter at uni so I'm studying had at library and doing research for my proposal. Ive had 2 mochas from 1 till now and also had a flapjack when i got here but I've been walking around the library getting books to do work.

now I'm hungry so i have no clue what to eat or where to go. my brain is functioning right at the moment so i need to eat

by the way any one wanting to get a mocha don't they are disgusting. its like if you don't know anything like what coffees are good like me, i get a mocha because i don't know which ones is nicer don't get a mocha, they are disgusting. :(

I found a canteen so now I'm able to upload a picture of what il be having tonight

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Hi nsidra,

Your meal tonight looks really great! I hope you enjoy it. Good luck with your studies tonight, you're sounding very industrious and studious, and I hope you get everything done that you want to accomplish. :-)

I don't think I'd like a mocha anyway, as I think I tried one years ago and didn't like it. I can see you don't like them either, as you said it was disgusting.

Have a good evening.

Lowcal :-)

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