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Newbie, don't where to begin!

Hello everyone.

I'm another newbie trying to get a bit healthier. I've previously tried to eat healthier / exercise more etc but always find that i give up after a month and never reach my desired goal (or close to it!) so i figured this time a bit of support and chat may help!

Although I'm not over weight, (12.5 stone and 5ft10). I feel lazy, a bit flabby in places and have quite a bloated / wobbly tummy. I seem to carry my weight there and in my arms. Also, I have noticed that my exercise/healthy eating (or lack of) patterns are linked to my anxiety levels. The less I do the worse i feel! So i'd love to get that on track too!

My goal to start is to tone up and lose 1 stone and feel better in myself! But slightly lost of where to start. I've begun swimming 2-3 per week which I love but I know alone that won't be enough!


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Hi Mountain_Girl! Firstly, what mountains have you climbed? I have done a few Munros in my younger days :)

Welcome to the forum and to the NHS weight loss plan. Have you checked out the diet page, where you can download the weekly sheets? nhs.uk/Livewell/weight-loss...

Also, look in the Pinned Posts section for the Welcome Newbie thread and it will give you lots of hints and tips, about this forum as well as dieting, plus there are some great inspirational stories there,too.

Joining in on some of our activities is a great help for motivation, I love the Kilometre Zero Challenge, where we log our Kms each week.

It sounds to me like you wish to tone up more and I think the swimming is really going to help with that, I also do Pilates and that has helped my core muscles a great deal, reducing the wobbly bits.

Some of us started the C25K and now run regularly, so look for Moreless's Tortoise and Hare posts if you fancy joining in on that.

Above all, have fun and good luck with your weight loss journey!


Hello and welcome 😊 You are doing all the right things coming on here and trying to eat healthier 😊 Exercise is proven to reduce stress and help anxiety, but this needn't be a massive two hour gym workout! Small steps and being pleased with ourselves are useful 😊 Have a look around the site and ask if you have any questions 😊 Good luck


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