So frustrating!!!

I am just a little frustrated this morning as I have just tried on 5 dresses that I ordered online in size 12. I have been a 14/16 for the last 5/6 years and finally lost the weight this year and (nearly!) am managing to maintain. Size 14 is too big for me now so the natural selection was size 12. However it appears that I still am not quite a size 12 and the dresses were all little snug. I dislike clothes shopping, so although I know that different shops come up different sizes, the thought of having to go and search for clothes does not fill me with excitement. So my dilemma is do I lose another half stone or put a bit back on to fit nicely into a size 14. I have also had comments about my weight, like Claire2stone, with people saying "don't lose any more or you will look too skinny". Well clearly if I am not fitting into a size 12 comfortably then I cannot be 'too skinny'. Sooooo frustrating when you have tried so hard to then come up against annoying people and ill fitting clothes. Sorry to rant but just wanted a new dress for my birthday sunday lunch this weekend! Thanks for listening :)


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29 Replies

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  • Aw, clothes shopping can be so frustrating - especially as each store seem to have their own ideas on what each size is (and none of them seem to agree with each other)!!

    You've done so well and here's to hoping you will get into those size 12s soon!! Xx

    Sazkia โ™ฅ x

  • Thanks Sazkia :)

  • I'm with you, I hate clothes shopping. They either seem to carry stuff I don't like or stuff that's too expensive for me. :(

    These clothes retailers really need to get their acts together, this is the very reason I don't shop for clothes online. I'd much rather try them on first to see if they fit.

    It's all about what you think would make you happy with you. If you really want to go for the 12, I'd say go for it. If not, stay where you are. :)

    Good luck and Happy Birthday on Sunday! :)

  • Thanks for the reply VickyDLM its nice to find someone else who dislikes clothes shopping. I just didn't have time to go to the shops this week so online was my only option for Sunday. I agree with you that it is much better to try clothes on first. I think I will just stay on the plan and try to lose a bit more. I am still just above the middle of the BMI for my height/weight so I guess losing another half a stone is possible but its just whether I will be able to maintain it after would be the issue. Thanks again :)

  • Yeah, it is funny that just because you're female you're supposed to love shopping. The only kind of shopping I like is for books, but it's just not safe to let me loose in a bookstore! :)

    All you can do is try and see what happens. If you can lose the half stone and stay there, great. If not, at least you gave it a shot and have found where you're happy at. Which is the most important thing after all. :)

  • Have you tried clothes shopping since you lost weight? I find it a much nicer experience now that clothes look as nice on me as they do on the hangers - previosly I hated it as everything I tried on when I was size 16/18 looked like a badly fitting sack. Marian

  • Hi MW50. I did buy some clothes in the summer that were a size 12 and seemed to fit ok. But they were not as fitted like the clothes I have just ordered. Maybe I just need to force myself to go to the shops and be brave. Thanks for your reply :)

  • muffintop67 not sure if you know about this website - it allows you to put in your measurements and gives suggestions which brand might fit you best - looks like I should be buying my clothes at Top Shop! A bit of fun if nothing else....

    PS I don't think putting on weight to fill out a size 14 would be something I could recommend as it's where I'm struggling to come from ;) Also, (never used them so can't confirm) ASOS claim there OWN brand clothes are made to fit these measurements:

  • Hi Angusina. No I did not know about the website so I will check it out. My daughter shops on ASOS but never thought to look on there for myself so will do that too. Thanks so much for your reply :)

  • I hate clothes shopping, I try to avoid by buying online and then end up with stuff that's the wrong colour, wrong style and probably wrong size. I sew and like to make stuff for myself. I was horrified to see what I thought was a plus size model, displaying a dress I liked, and when I looked at her size (which the magazine helpfully publishes) she was a size SMALLER than me :( I think our vision gets distorted, bit like anorexic people thinking they are huge, I'm unfortunately deluding myself that I'm smaller. I will be on the right side of a size 12 in 12 weeks!

  • All those models are photoshopped in any case. It's just not possible to look like they do in the real world without massive retouching! :(

    Just makes things a lot harder for those that strive to look like the models...... :(

  • I hate shopping aswelll, how annoying. I woukd say go by how you feel, not by what other (possible jealous) people say! Its your body! Xx

  • Thanks albinohedgehog :)

  • Sizes are funny things , I'm half a stone heavier than my friend , the same height and a size 10/12. She is a size 14

    The world is a confusing thing ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”

  • I guess I wasn't being realistic when I thought i would be able to find a new dress just like that. As you say sizes are funny things and I expect I will have to try on lots of styles before I find one that suits my new shape. Thanks for your reply :)

  • How annoying! I would suggest spanx underwear or actually go to a decent shop and try some dresses on.

  • I think you are right and I will have to be brave and go to a shop and try stuff on. Thanks LessToLose :)

  • Ahhhhhhhhhhhh sooooooo frustrating!!!!

    Ignore the label and order a size 14 and if it fits nicely wear it with pride ๐Ÿ˜† no one sees the label and you don't have to tell .... it's how the dress makes you feel that's important ๐Ÿ’–

    Unfortunately every item dress / trousers / tops etc are cut differently in every shop or even in's not a one size fits!!

    I've just ordered some new uniform from work in a size 12. The tops and jackets fit lovely but the bottoms are sooo tight they give me a muffin top!! So I've ordered a size 14 instead. If anyone asks me ' yep I'm in a size 12 like my jeans ' lol xxxx

    So don't fret too much wear something that makes you feel fabulous whatever the size on the meagre label ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Thanks Claire2stone. I really don't have an issue with the number of the size. But as they were fitted dresses I assumed the 14 would be too big as my old 14's are too big now. I would love to find clothes that make me feel fabulous but just find clothes shopping very stressful. If only I could find someone who could give me a new wardrobe of new clothes that all fitted perfectly! Thanks for your reply :)

  • God I wish that was possible too ๐Ÿ˜† I hate shopping as never now what size or style that suits but I suppose try it on in a selection of sizes to find your fabulous dress ๐Ÿ‘—๐Ÿ›๐Ÿ’–

  • muffintop67

    Have you tried Ebay ? If it doesn't fit then you could simply resell it. I am a size 18, but wore a gorgeous (and incredibly cheap) Condici dress and jacket to a very posh wedding on Sunday which in fact was officially sized 20. No-one else knew but me, and I got lots of compliments. People thought it was new but it wasn't.

    They also have "bundles" of clothes for sale very cheaply.

    If I were you I would still try to lose the weight, though, rather than trying to fit into a specific size. Some sizes come up nice and big (eg Monsoon, Per Una, Jaques Vert,) but others are skimpy and cheaply made, so life is much more of a struggle trying to get a fit.

    I know this from experience and having tried numerous styles recently when I got married.

  • Thank you so much for your reply :)

  • I stopped worrying about labels a long time ago, all the manufacturers make clothes differently, right now I've got tops in my wardrobe ranging from 14-18 and jeans/trousers/leggings 12-16 and they all fit!! Makes ordering on line so difficult, that why I brave the shops. Happy Birthday for the weekend, I'm sure you will look fabulous!

  • Thanks Caz28. Internet shopping is tricky and I really didn't want to order 2 sizes of everything. Will have to be brave and try to get to the shops on Saturday or just rummage in the wardrobe and see what I can find. Not sure I will look fabulous but I will do my best :)

  • Yeah I have an old size 18 silk charity shop dress ( it's monsoon) which would now be a size 14, not that anyone checked the label.

    I tend to stick to brands that fir me well and love monsoon, I have bought stuff on eBay and they fit me well

  • Hi Muffintop,

    I agree with Caz28 that I feel sure you will look fabulous on your BIrthday, whatever you're wearing, but I would like to wish you every success in finding a lovely dress that you like, and which fits you perfectly.

    I find that sizes vary greatly - so best not to pay attention to the labels really - just go for the one that fits you best, and I'm glad to see you're considering being brave and going shopping - as hopefully it won't be a negative experience afterall.

    I hope you enjoy it - and Happy Birthday for the weekend, hope you have a wonderful time!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks Lowcal. Internet shopping is difficult but a time saver. The dresses were just a little snug so I feel a size 14 may be too big although the number of the size doesn't bother me. Didn't want to go to the expense of ordering 2 sizes in everything. Will have to be brave and try to get to the shops on Saturday or just rummage in the wardrobe and see what I can find. Not sure I will look fabulous but I will do my best :)

  • Yep, clothes shopping can be a pain. I think you need to go to a shop and try stuff on rather than buying online. I know, for example, that Next trousers generally fit me perfectly. So you just have to find a shop that measures up to what you are.

    I've had the same comment about 'don't lose too much weight....' - i am a healthy 23 bmi - you just can't win can you?! Just ignore them!

  • Thanks suffolkwomble. Its been a while since I tried on lots of clothes in the shops so I will just have to be brave and get on with it. I guess once I find a shop that I know fits me it will get easier. Thanks for your reply :)

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