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Today I checked my weight and it was showing up as 81.8 kg and then showing up as 70 something so I paid attention to the 81.8kg which tells me I have lost a lot of weight, which I am so pleased about and my little sister commented on my weight . I don't want to run in to old habits agin so as for tommorow I'm going to nip in to sainsburys and get my favourite fruit box that I get that has huge chunks of orange melons, Melons and grapes that will fill you up because it comes in a huge tub 👍🏻 which I enjoy a lot and always get. One thing I don't like is why they refrigerate them so then they are freezing. When I open to eat them my teeth are so sensitive that it hurts which then makes it difficult to eat.

I was going to get one from my local convenience sainsburys so then I can eat it later when it's not freezing but for some reason when I nip in they never have it and they vary from different price ranges , some expensive and some cheap with a whole lot more and that's the sainsburys near the tram stop, the tram I catch to go to university. Im thinking of getting a salad as il be staying in uni to do some work.

I work out mornings which aren't to exesdive and then the excessive work outs late at night. I need to get my diet sorted but I am eating salad, drinking water and walking but the diet has to be great also so that's my aim for tommorow. I weighed in at 81.8kg to me that's nit bad at all from 95.6kg to 81.8kg to me is a huge achievement but I'm not going to stop there. My aim is to be 70 kg or even less.

I like how losing weight makes me feel and I'm clinging on to that with all my mite and motivating myself , anything and everything I can do to make this work. I know I'm in between sizes at the moment between a female size 12-14 as my skinny jeans are alittle lose for me from my legs and once or twice had to pull them up 😂 But because I'm a girl my curves are also having some sort of an effect but I think with that I'm again a size 12-14 but then that's probably my imagination. Who knows

My main problem area are my stomach and arms that now I know. My arms are shrinking slowly but surely , even my sister noticed when I demonstrated one of the moves I do with my arms when I work out, it's called "shadowbixing" 😂 And then I went in to say something like I hope this moves has an effect on my arms which my little sister who saw me after 2 weeks said that's why I was noticing your arms as they are getting a little smaller and I even asked my friend to make sure I was doing everything right regarding my arms Nd she even replied they are a little smaller so what else more can I ask apart from I wish after all my hard work they would get even smaller but I'm trying to stay patient as that is one of my goals for this year and also another problem area is just my stomach which I'm trying to work very hard on. It's very difficult though and also my butt (sorry) but that is also shrinking.

I remember being so huge and now not so much. Everything is shrinking slowly but surely 😊 The pictures of my selfies I have posted is that my face that's shrunk and my sister loved that selfie of me and my friends did also 👍🏻

Also today I got good news and it's linked to the terrible news I got on Friday. So I was given good news that made me happy and I took my vitamins. So I'm getting there and it looks hopeful to me. When everything is all better 💯 then I will be comfortable to talk about what exactly happened on Friday when I was so depressed but I wanted to say how great full and thankful I am to have joined this site. Non off you know me and all your kind words helped me so much and lifted my spirits. I occasionally share your kind words with my family and friends and I feel so lucky and looked after by all of you lovely people. You all make me feel this is my second family and I can't be more greatful to feel that joining this site was the best decision made because of you all. I have said this before.....

You are all a compliment above all compliments and I say it again

Thank you 😊🙏🏻😊

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Hi nsidra,

So glad you've had some positive news, and I am going to pop back tomorrow to read through all of your post in more detail, as I'm a bit tired tonight, and I can see you've written lots - so I don't want to rush reading it. But I am so glad that you're feeling better, and that's really great. :-)

Lowcal :-)


I am very happy you're seeing results and that other people have too. That's wonderful news. Keep up the good work and you'll reach your target! Have a wonderful week. :)

Sazkia ♥

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Good luck and keep up good work, at least you are doing something to help your self

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