Challenge - Walk to Mordor!

Afternoon lovelies!

I hope you had a good week! My holiday was lovely, it was at an aqua park, did lots of slides, made some friends and ate lots of food!

I'm going to clock my distance in at 0 this week, just because I have NO idea what my distance was, as I didn't take my fit bit with me.

Leader board is currently as such:

E1l2v3i4s5 is in the lead with 54.2 miles!

AlamosSara - 40.2 miles

Geekydee - 23 miles

Marylou54 - 21 miles

Quinn - 19.6 miles

Eveningart - 11.8 miles

Anna61, MissesB and Tidirhin2548 didn't give me any stats last week :(

Keep up the good work guys! Let me know your stats this week!


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22 Replies

  • Hi quinntuppance glad you had a lovely holiday ,I've managed 57.6 miles this week :)

  • More than last week! You are stomping that pavement! Keep up the good work :)

  • I love this idea! What a great fellowship. I was thinking maybe of joining you at Bree (and pretend to be Strider?) but 2 years of walking seems a bit daunting (and a big commitment - wouldn't want to let the fellowship down). So I think I will just trail you from a distance (more like Gollum!).

  • There's no letting anyone down! It's all a bit of fun! Join us! If you get to a point where you're like, I don't wanna do this anymore there's not gonna be any hard feelings. :)

  • OK, I'm in. I can give you some stats from last week if you want (just tell me the dates again!). Thanks for organising!

  • Sorry, I missed this completely, we started on the 20th (ish) Some started on the 21st. ^-^ if you update the new post with your stats, I'll add them in!

  • So sorry not to have given you stats last week 😕 Am I too late?

    Week ending 25 Sept - 19.5 km

    Week ending 2nd Oct - 22 km

    Are you including cycling? 6.5 km and 7.5 km if you are 😊 After all, Gandalf had Shadowfax . . .


  • Never too late! I know people are busy so don't worry :) I'll add your stats in now.

    I don't see why not really, it's walking to morder, but any distance exercise like cycling I think is a good positive thing! So encouragement all round. ^^

  • Being taken by Eagles doesn't count though I suppose . . . Lol 😂

  • Morning everyone! Busy day yesterday but hope that everyone is doing well! You sound as if you had a really lovely holiday :-) :-) Having said that I'd got a gizmo the darned thing won't link to my phone ..... still I have been walking every morning early so I have doubled my "mileage" this week and done 42 miles in total! Have been enjoying the journey (though have not been challenged by any bad weather....) Keeeeeeep walking!! :-) :-) :-)

  • Congratulations on the early starts! I know I struggle to get out of bed in the morning! But I'm forced to walk to work as I don't drive.

    Just to be sure, is that 42miles collective of this week and last week?

    You won't need to worry about doing all the addition, my little spreadsheet does that ^^

  • Oh no! Am proud to say that I doubled the mileage from last week so total this week is 42 - wouldn't like to try to keep track of how far I've got (well I can manage 21 plus 42 to get to 63!) but am leaving rest for you and your little spreadsheet! Whatever I post will Def be total for current week and that's it. Actually thinking about it now I'm quite pleased with my efforts! Couldn't do early morning yesterday but did walk during the day. Not any difference to actual weight going on but feeling better for it! Thanks for the challenge - am enjoying it! :-) :-)

  • Heya.

    Glad you had a nice holiday :)

    I managed 20.26 miles last week

  • Thats a good distance, keep it up!

  • Glad you had a great holiday. I am sending you my Week 2 results again as I might not have posted them in the right bit!! Week 2 was 59.27km which is 36.82 miles (I've even installed a converted on my laptop!). This challenge is fantastic.

  • Yeh, I'll be posting a new challenge to mordor post each week for people to reply too, so make sure to follow me if you aren't already!

    Thank you for the conversation, though my little spreadsheet does the math for me so people can measure the distance they're most happy with!

    Glad you're enjoying the challenge!

  • Hi . 70.64 km this week.

  • I am not sure where I am, but I am in communications blackout land.

    If we started on the 19th, I walked 26.77 miles the first week, and 17.39 miles the second week.

    Tag me if I am wrong, and I will correct myself.

    Very busy trying to avoid second breakfasts. 😉

  • Its alright! We started that week, so thats good! I'll add your stats now :) Make sure to add this weeks stats to the new post!

  • Added last weeks to the new post earlier. :) Looks as if I am becoming a little faster. :D

  • as long as one foot keeps going in front of the other, doesn't matter if you manage 1 or 100 miles, as long as you're doing your best! :D Keep up the good work!

  • Hi. 70.64km this week. I have just posted but not sure if I did it in the right place, so here it is again.

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