Long term motivation required!

Hi all,

I've just joined & start my 12 week plan today. I tend to start off with good intentions & the motivation to lose weight, get healthier & feel better about myself, but usually after about 3 weeks my motivation is severely lacking...

I also tend to get bored with the time it takes to cook from scratch so need some hints/tips with that! I eat fish but no chicken or other meats so tend to eat the same things over & over again which can also get quite boring! I have however downloaded the smart recipes app so hoping to try some new ideas.


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  • Hi HunnyB,

    It's great that you've downloaded the Smart Recipes app, and good luck with trying out some new ideas. You might like to look at this Recipe collation post too, which includes some ideas from members within the Weight Loss NHS forum community:


    Also, if you look under 'Topics' you'll see some Recipes/meal ideas etc there too.

    Do read our Welcome Newbie post too - it's in the Pinned posts area (right-hand-side of the forum) and join in with anything you like the look of - lots of Challenges in that area too, and the Events section has the latest thread for the Monday group weigh-in, which is going on today. So if you like the idea of a weigh-in, in a supportive and friendly group, then please join us, you'd be very welcome.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi lowcal,

    Thanks very much for your message.

    Thanks for the hints & tips, I think the Monday 'weigh in' sounds like a good idea for me.

    I am struggling finding the welcome newbie post - I know you said it was in the pinned posts area but I can't seem to find it!

    Anyway, thanks again for your reply.


  • Hi HunnyB,

    Here's a link to the Welcome Newbie post - sorry you couldn't find it in the Pinned posts area - you need to refresh the page to ensure you're in the 'homepage' area, to see the Pinned posts and it's usually the first post you see there, but this is the link:


    Lowcal :-)

  • Thank you very much!

  • Hi HunnyB - I too have just started! I too am not really a veggie, but we don't eat meat and unfortunately, I'm not too keen on fish (although have just ate some tuna for lunch - yay!) I've not got a lot of weight to lose, but find that the hardest to shift and like you tend to give up after a few weeks. I lost a LOT of weight doing a Joanna Hall "drop a dress size" diet a few years ago, but then looked awful! So now I want to reduce my BMI slowly and forever. Looking to lose minimum 1stone. More would be super. My failing is portion control, so I might even purchase two new dinner plates.

    Have to say, I always cook from scratch, but then I work from home, so this is not a problem for me - but like you, the same old foods are a killer. I'm going to look at Smart Recipes, but do have several books I've compiled this weeks menu from - but the mere thought of being "on a diet" has me obsessing over food already! That's not right so I have to stop.

    Good luck with your weight loss - what did it for me was realising that I though I was "not too bad" and then it dawning on me that there's an incredible amount of severely overweight people out there.... if I don't do something now, that's me very soon.

  • Thank you Ottomummy!

    Will keep you posted!! xx

  • Oh, & best of luck too!

  • Heya, i also get bored after a few weeks, but im getting motivation from being part of the forum and joining the weekly weigh ins, so maybe keep posting and commenting and you will sustain your motivation.

    Do you have a slow cooker? This might help if you dont like cooking much. Can you try different grains and pulses? Maybe you need a new recipe book for inspiratiion. Amazons used recipe books are nearly always cheap. I buy student cookbooks sometimes as they are simpler.


  • Thank you so much for the tips albinohedgehog..

    I don't have a slow cooker no, but have a new recipe book & recipe app with the calorie counter app too.

    I think posting on the forum too will hopefully help as you say.

    Will keep you posted!


  • Youre welcome, wishing you lots of success ☺xx

  • Each journey is made up of small steps 😊 As you lose weight and get fitter this in itself will motivate you 😊

    With regards to cooking, I also recommend a slow cooker, especially for cooking pulses which are so useful for non meat protein 😊

  • Thank you Anna61. xx

  • I've eaten 2 calorie counted meals now (yes, I've only just started) but am surprised at the quantity of food I'm allowed. Don't get me wrong, this is good, but I'm a terror for not portion controlling, so this is not teaching me good habits. I might, after maybe 2 weeks, cook as I normally do, but work out the calories v portion sizes, otherwise I'll put any weight I've lost back on.

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