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Exercise on a budget

Hi all, I'm starting my 12 week plan today. I'll have to go a lot longer than that but I'm hoping this plan will get me a good start. I'm looking for tips for exercises I can do at home preferably. I have a stepper machine but after 3-4 mins my knees hurt so much so does anyone know something else I could try for the first few weeks and then maybe work my way up to something more intense?

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Hi Chelsea,

Great that you're starting the NHS 12 week plan today, and I'd like to wish you the best with it. It's a really great plan.

Do have a look at our Welcome Newbies post too - it's in the Pinned posts area (right-hand-side of the homepage).

Regarding your query about exercise, I'd like to give you the link to the NHS Fitness Studio, as it is a great place to look round to see if you like the exercises there - you can definitely enjoy them at home:


Lowcal :-)


That's great I'll have a good look now, thanks :)

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Hi, I can recommend Leslie Sansones walk at home videos, free on you tube, the 1 mile happy walk is fun!


These are really good 😊 I also put my music on and dance around 😊 Stair climbing is good, and just plain old fashioned walking outside 😊 If you want to boost the effort tins of baked beans make good weights!

Good luck


Thanks all,really good ideas I'm spoilt for choice lol


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