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Guidance sought

Hi all

I need to loose a few pounds (in weight).

I was around 112 kg, but now around 107kg, Mst of the loss has been gradual as a result of exercising more. I am currently doing the couch to 5 k and swimming more. When Iwas younger, I was rather fit, and even recently I ahve done a few charity rides, in 2014 I cycled 125 miles in a day and Iwas not skinny then.

But I sense I need to up the anti, and I need to manage my calories further. Sure I try and eat sensibly and limit snacking - which is working to a point, but maybe I need to be more proactive.

I need to read a few posts and re-viist the NHS diet pages. But as Iam running and swimming I am concerned that limiting my calories too much will take away the energy I need.

Though there are ways around that. Recently on "Trust me i'm a doc" they suggest swilling out you rmouth with sugared water. This fools the body into thinking that youahve energy and the relevant hormones kicjk in...

Anyway any suggestiosn would be helpful.


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Hi Adrian,

Welcome to the Weight Loss NHS forum. I hope you'll enjoy it here, and good luck with your weight loss goals. I would recommend completing the NHS BMI calculator to get the recommended range of calories for your personal stats and activiity levels, as that will ensure you eat sufficiently for your daily needs and be able to lose weight at a sensible rate:


Do have a read of our Welcome Newbie post - in the Pinned posts area. Maybe join us for the Monday group weigh-in, it's going on today, and you can find the link in the Events section (below the pinned posts). There are other Challenges going on - see Pinned posts for those, and I hope you join in with anything you like the look of!

Good luck, and have a great week.

Lowcal :-)

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With a BMI of 32.2 , apparently I'm obese....!!

But I have lost around 6kgs...


Hi Adrian,

Lowcal has given you some great tips, I think you're doing great already with your exercises and well done on losing 6kgs. It is important that you eat the right amount of calories in your diet especially with the exercises you are doing.

Please see link below there is a guide to portion sizes. I hope this can be of help to you with regards to calories. You can download it I've been using the guide and count my calories that way with my food portions. I've lost 3lbs on Sunday weighing.


Browse around the weight loss forum you'll get some great tips and recipes too.

Wishing you best of luck with your weight lost journey.



The NHS guidelines suggests a range of calories for your weight and height (and age) in their BMI calculator - the kind thing that told you you were obese :(

It would have suggested a range like 1800-2300, for example, so if you were lightly active, I would say eat at the lower range, if you are very, very active, eat at the higher end of the scale, but you would have to do a lot of exercise and have a very active job in order to lose weight at the higher end.

I hope that make sense and good luck with your weight loss :)


Hello Adrian,

In terms of managing calories, ascertain how many are required to maintain existence (BMR) and how many are required to satisfy energy requirements, based upon level of activity (TDEE).

Having obtained both, seek to introduce a daily calorie deficit from your TDEE (preferably 500Kcal), ensuring that the deficit introduced doesn’t take you below BMR. Given that you’re swimming and running regularly, I very much doubt that a daily 500Kcal deficit will take you below BMR, so you’ve no need to worry.

Bear in mind that as weight is lost, the body will require fewer calories to satisfy BMR, so the calculation ought to be re-performed with every 7lbs lost.

However, by reducing daily calorie consumption by 500Kcal, for example, the body is forced to utilise calories stored in fat to meet daily energy requirements (TDEE).

With regard to exercise, the greater its intensity, the greater the uptake of glucose and fat in the process. As such, the increased uptake of glucose and fat leads to far greater calorie expenditure, hence why HIIT cardio is so effective at reducing levels of body fat as HIIT takes exercising heartrate into its anaerobic zone.

Don’t dismiss steady state cardio, since it still possess many benefits, chiefly, its ability to allow stamina and endurance to be developed, whilst utilising glucose and fat as energy (just not as dramatically as HIIT).

As such, by reducing daily consumption by 500Kcal, alongside continuing with the C25K program and swimming, you’ll continue to improve levels of fitness, something that’ll allow both activities to be performed more intensely, thus, increasing the uptake of glucose and fat in the process.


Well done losing 6kg. That's a great start!

At 107 kg and active, you definitely don't want to be limiting your calories too much. I was eating around 2000-2500 calories a day at that weight. That gave me enough of a calorie deficit to lose about 5kg per month (sometimes more, sometimes less). More importantly, it was enough calories that I didn't get fed up or feel I was on a diet.


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