My own personal goal - achieved✔


Well this week i have achieved my own mini goal of 6000 steps minimum per day for a full week 46,547 that is about 22miles. Plus 2 .5 miles on my bike. My cycling is steady as it's nearly 50 years since I have last been on a bike until recently.

I usually start the week very well but seem to struggle on a Thursday for some unknown reason i pick up again Saturday and Sunday. However I was determined to dig deep and achieve. Thank you Caz for spurring me on.

I aim to increase again to 7000 per day - I would like a couple of weeks consistent with 6000 before i do increase.

I am mindful of making my goals achievable.

Started at 5000 now on 6000 moving towards 7000 working towards 10.000 👍☺

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  • You are doing really well 😊 There's an ntetesting article on walking here

    I love your sensible approach and setting achievable goals.

  • Thank you Caz will look at this in the morning.

    Thank you for your kind comments ☺

  • Thank you for the information Caz just gone through the research and the benefits between running v walking. Interestingly the results are the same in relation to cardiovascular disease hypertension etc. ☺☺☺

    Thank you let's see what today brings. Nip in the air this morning😀

  • Well done Truly, before long, you'll amaze yourself at just how far you can walk! :)

  • Oh thanks Moreless I am determined to keep going ☺🐢

  • Hi Trulyplumptious,

    Congratulations on achieving your personal goal. Excellent work! Wishing you all the best with achieving the next steps.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Oh thank you Lowcal thank you for your comments.

    Need another full week on 6000 then I will see how I feel.

    Have a good week ☺

  • Well done you-so pleased you persevered and reached your goal.

    I had the same intention for the past week but only for 3000steps and mostly walking around the house and garden but I did manage it in small bits. Making the most of the lower humidity.

    Impressed that you went out on the bike too,you really are on a roll.🙂

  • Oh thanks 70 plus for your kind comments of support.

    My initial journey with steps was spasmodic very up and down.

    Then I had labyrinthitis which severely affected my balance and impacted on what I could physically do.

    So I have just had to persevere and build it back up. So 3000 is a good place to start. I agree.☺that's great.

    I might go 6500 opposed to 7000 for a few days however I do achieve above 6000 some days - Baby steps.

    I'm afraid I am built for comfort not for speed. I also do the walking around the garden and house to get steps in.

    Yes went out on the bike -chased by a dog 🐶and managed to come up the incline towards home 2 lamp posts from home. (note incline not hill) and I had to stop. 😨Cramp in the thighs. So walked 👣to the last lamp post from home and got back on the bike and finished my adventure. Yea!!!!!!🐢


  • Well done Truly Plumptious! (Phone does not want to play this morning! ) I am just getting ready for my walk this morning - only really started last week but hoping it will continue to be enjoyable and not feel like a chore :-) Am impressed with the bike riding too!! :-) :-)

  • Aw thank you Marylou for your words of encouragement. Enjoy your walk this morning. Keep going ☺☺☺

  • Very well done! 😊🎉👏😊 it us hard to get the consistency! 😊

  • Thank you Anna ☺

  • Congratulations on achieving your mini goal and it is impressive. I find Wednesday hard!

  • Congratulations. I wish I could do as well. I'm trying to do 5000 steps/day and it seems like mission impossible so I know how hard you must have worked at it👏👏😀

  • Keep at it it is hard and thank you ☺

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