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Complacency is not a good friend 😳

I have been following the program for 10 weeks and have lost 11 pounds - I am really proud of myself, am happy with the slow but steady weight loss BUT I need to give myself a bit of a kick up the posterior 😠

Over the last week - I've 'approximated' my calories rather than work them out and according to my scales - I've got myself a maintain for this weeks weigh in.

Whilst not a gain, it's just not good enough. So I am here to pledge that for the whole of October nothing will pass my lips that hadn't been 'calorie-fied' 😉

There's only me that can do it, only me that can choose not to! Ladies and gentlemen, I choose the former!

I feel better for sharing and will be enjoying my 567 cal shepherds pie and veg for my tea xxxx

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Well done for the progress you have made.Sometimes you will have a maintain, but don’t panic! So much involved in metabolism , hormonal variation, water retention, psychology etc, as long as you are reducing your calorie intake overall you will lose weight, it is just a matter of regarding it as long term, not a quick fix. You have done really well so far , good luck with ongoing weight reduction! Will look forward to hearing of your progress, wishing you well !


Hi Jingle_Berry,

Wishing you success with your pledges for October, and I'd also like to Congratulate you on your progress to date. You've lost 11 pounds, and that is fantastic!!! :-)

Lowcal :-)

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Well done on a maintain whist not tracking calories, that shows you have become aware of portion sizes, but I agree, in order to lose weight everything must be weighed and recorded. Good luck.

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