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•My Vitamins B C D 🙏🏻•

•My Vitamins B C D 🙏🏻•

Just brought these from the pharamcy. Today I found myself walking around feeling down so I did something about it. I went to the pharmacy and brought myself vitamin B C D and glucose tablets for tiredness, fatigue, the best ones are B and D. I took a glucose tablet, tangy orange yum 😊

Vitamin B , complex vitamin that contains B2, 6 and 12 as my memory serves me right from GCSE and A Level science they are really good help with energy release and reduce tiredness and fatigue.

I also bought vitamin C and this is to help maintain a healthy immune system 👍🏻

Vitamin D, well this is recommended by all doctors, they help maintain healthy bones, teeth, and normal immune function , the best kind for a down trodden system that I have.

Brought tangy orange glucose tablets and chewed one if them on my way home , they were delicious. I really hope these now help me and make me stop feeling the way I do. I'm just praying that they do. I've never had to go out and buy vitamins so I guess it's true what people say, there's always a first for everything 🙏🏻

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Hi Nisdra

Sorry your feeling under the weather. Yes you have a range of vitamins there.

May I make a suggestion have you looked at the instructions on the glucose tablets including the contra indications and see if it really is what you need.

Just a suggestion ☺


Hello, you do realise that glucose is just a form of sugar and therefore pure calories?

If you are trying to lose weight, then eating those things is going to be counter-productive. You;d be better off eating real food to keep your energy levels up.

Sorry to be negative, but I thought I'd mention it, in case you didn't know, as it would be a shame to sabotage yourself accidentally.

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