Is it cheating ??

Am I cheating if I do my C25K on a treadmill ?? Everyones seems to like the out door running experience but the self consciousness got the better of me an I'm not ready for the great outdoors, i've stuck at it but at the gym on a treadmill, is it the same or is it cheating ?

A colleague said its easier on a treadmill but Im not doing it because of that. Questioning myself now and thats never a good move :(


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25 Replies

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  • Lots of C25K-ers have done this programme on a treadmill in Gym... go for it! :)

  • Thankyou :)

    I would like to run outdoors eventually Im just not quite ready for it πŸ€“

  • When you are ready..your journey...your way!

  • Hi Jojocoops,

    I sometimes do my run on a treadmill, and I put the incline to 1 so that it is closer to an 'outdoors' run (at least that is how I look on it)...

    I don't think it's cheating at all...!

    Like Oldfloss say, go for it!

    Lowcal :-)

  • I don't think it is cheating, the point is you're moving more and you're still running the distance. The great thing with the treadmill is that you can set it so you can run at changing gradients and speeds so you can still experience a variety of 'terrains' and there's even air conditioning on most treadmills so you know you could alter that and have different 'weather' conditions lol...don't worry, you're NOT cheating!! :P ;)

  • It's definitely not cheating Jojocoops πŸ˜† running is running whether it's on a treadmill or outside makes no difference πŸƒ

    Well done for doing the c25k....your doing really well πŸ‘

  • Thankyou for the support, it stops the self doubt taking over, i'm really enjoying the exercise and I never thought I'd say that, I stopped smoking 8 1/2 months ago and I never thought i'd manage that either so this year i'm really surprising myself :) x

  • Massive pat on your back πŸ˜€ 2016 is definitely your year!! Well done xx

  • I just hope i keep hold of the positive pants :)) x

  • Don't worry I'm sure you will ... You've already won half the Battle xxx keep on doing what your doing πŸ˜†

  • Well done on quitting smoking. I know just how hard that is as I did it 10 years ago after smoking for 50 years. Double the plaudits as you are on a weight loss journey at the same time. You have good reason to be proud of yourself.


  • Very well done Jojocoops 😊 Giving up smoking must have been tough πŸ˜•

    I say any running counts, when it's wet I walk inside and I still count the steps 😊

  • I'm attempting my 1st spinning class this morning !!!! I've been awake for hours fretting about it lol πŸ€“πŸš΄πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

  • It is definitely not cheating - running is running wherever you do it!

    Having just gone through the c25k running experience, my observation is that truly no one is interested in what you look like.

    I ventured outside for my first run and felt quite self-conscious but quickly realised that there are so many people going for jogs / walks that you just kind of blend in.

    I choose not to make eye contact with others as I'm running because it is something I am doing for purely for myself and it is of no concern to anyone else.

    Just focus on it being 'me time' and ignore everyone else....

    All the best and enjoy it!

  • I know i replied to you... but are you posting on the C25K forum too? Loads of folk are on that forum and this one,also, and it works brilliantly, with loads of support.

    I am on there, but on here too,as I have friends on this forum whom I follow :)

    Just a thought:)

    PS Good Luck with the spinning class... :)

  • When I post I post on all communities Im part of an c25k is one of them, well I hope i'm posting on all 3 of them lol, i'll have to check now πŸ€“ I have the padded bottoms on ready for the spin class πŸš΄πŸ»β€β™€οΈ I'm nervous !!!!

  • Found you... sorry... senior moment! :)

  • You must do things your way and exercise is exercise. Personally I think it's also good to build up your stamina on an even surface before you go on uneven terrain which can cause injuries when you're new and unused to it. It's a huge thing giving up smoking and changing eating habits- fantastic!! Well done !!

  • It's not cheating, but just beware the gym treadmills can be frustrating, just because when they say to start running, you have to press and hold a silly button for ages to get to running speed!

    I'm doing a different 5k programme (zombies - run!) And it starts with 10x 15s runs instead of 5x 30s runs. As soon as I'd get the treadmill to running speed, the lady would say "great job! Now slow to a walk" - I swear people thought I was crazy...

  • Hahah i can imagine, its when she says well done stop running and I automatically walk but the treadmill is still in run mode, i do look abit frantic for a few seconds πŸ˜‚

  • Whatevers better for you,your still putting in the same distance .good luck.

  • No its not cheating. Just do what lowcal said and make sure you have a slight incline to give the effect of running outdoors. I've done several half marathons on a treadmill due to the weather being to bad to safely run outside but I do prefer running outdoors.

    As for the self conscious, most people are too busy with their own lives to worry about you. I started jogging when I was 25st and, because of my self consciousness ran only in the dark. After a while I didn't give a damn and started running in the daytime. That was over 150lbs ago.....

  • Thats amazing well done you πŸ€“

  • I don;t think it's cheating. In fact, I think it can be better, as on the treadmill you can't kid yourself as to your speed and duration in the way you can outside.

    Personally I hate running outdoors. Aside from the embarassment factor, it is always too hot, too cold, to wet, too sunny, too windy etc. for me! Perfectly happy to walk outside for miles, but running only indoors on the treadmill for me!

  • Provided the treadmill is set to an incline of two when completing the distance, you'll largely replicate the same effort involved when running outdoors.

    Granted, the belt moving beneath your feet does assist. However, since your feet are landing upon a softer surface, running upon a treadmill is far more forgiving upon the joints, allowing the activity to be sustained for longer before a walking break or a reduction in running pace becomes necessary.

    You may also find that you're able to run faster upon the treadmill as opposed to outdoors, but you're certainly not cheating. Regardless of whether you cover 5K upon the treadmill or outdoors, the distance remains the same.

    If running regularly is something that you're seriously considering, given that we're just a few weeks away from GMT (when the weather invariably takes a turn for the worse), the treadmill is the best place to increase your running fitness over the winter months, leaving you in a largely good position by the time BST comes around again.

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