difficult/no motivation

difficult/no motivation

for a couple of days or a few i can't remember I'm finding it very difficult to have motivation in working out. Every time i start I'm so tired and its happening when i start working out. I stick to a plan, but for 2 days I couldn't saying you know what il work out today, il do it in few hours and then leave till the next day and then work out. I worked out yesterday and didn't want to which is very unusual to me as its the one thing i can't wait for coz of how it makes me feel and it happened the day before and today, i still do it but I'm slow and it takes ages. I have no motivation even writing this post.

Im not eating well i know that, I'm finding it very difficult to figure out what it is i want to eat, there have been many times I've got lost and don't remember how to work out and what to eat. I keep eating lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes. Im also now going for the not so healthy stuff, I've been so depressed and it started yesterday.

I was given some bad news this is just yesterday so i went for a second opinion and yesterday it was the day of bad news so i found my self wandering around city centre on my own for a good 1-2 hour, then i went to a traditional bakery, brought 4 samosas, a handful of pakoras, i came back back home and in moderation and diet went out of the window, now i feel that my stomach is coming out even more again, bad news i was given hasn't left me but made me mere depressed in the saddest way and I've forgotten how to eat right and what to do right as I'm just making a mess of things. i still have time to work out or i make time, but its tiring to even try but this work out isn't new to me, because I've done it before but i have no motivation and i just don't want to.

i think ok I'm a certain size now so i don't need to work out at all because now i just don't want to but i know I'm a certain size so i need to so i can shrink more. Ive been taking advantage of the tradition selfie and I've been looking at my pictures more becuase i now like how i look in the photos. Ive been using them as an excuse to work out but if i notice some part of my body is bigger such as my STOMACH , my stomach which is a huge problem area and other place but especially my stomach, as well as gaining pounds and those inches I've worked hard to shred, i over think and stress and the sad thing is i don't know how to stress. My friend has told me i suffer from anxiety but its so difficult and i need my stomach to go and don't wha to do with al of this.

i thought i would just add a selfie i had taken not to long ago, as this is not so depressing but also doesn't match the mood I've currently been in. i hope its not to much.

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  • Hi nsidra,

    I'm sorry to hear you've had some difficult news to deal with yesterday, and it's understandable that you're reacting to that now and processing it. Please give yourself time and maybe talk it through with someone you trust and who can give you some support. Maybe talk to your GP if you think you might need some extra help and support - I know you said your friend thinks you have anxiety issues, but maybe it would help to discuss it with your GP, as that might be helpful - and they could offer you appropriate support, if required.

    Don't be hard on yourself about your exercise, maybe just try some gentle walks to get fresh air, and maybe have a look at the meals that people in the forum are having for some ideas for healthy balanced meals to try.

    Maybe think about something relaxing you could do this evening, to not put pressure on yourself, and unwind a bit.

    Take care, and I hope the weekend goes ok for you.

    Lowcal :-)

  • I really like your Selfie, nsidra, you look lovely. I see you just added that. :-)

  • You look great in your photo. My mother came up with the term 'soft' for larger ladies, soft rather than bony. I think it makes us softer people sound sexy. I do want to lose weight because I am very obese at about 24 stone but did you know that people in the overweight range of BMI charts live longer than those in the slim bracket and men when tested prefer a softer woman.Dont give yourself a hard time, relax a bit and have a rest for a few days to recover from your bad news. Then as previously suggested take some gentle walks in the country side. Hating your self for not being skinny wont make you lose any weight as much as we think barateing ourselves will. Learn to meditate. I have just found some great meditations on a website called wildminds. I am seeing an NHS psychologist about my extreme over weight and he is recommending mindfulness. I have also found as recommended by the bariatric service myfitnesspal very helpful and it works well as long as you only set your goal at losing 1 pound a week.In previous years I have found overeaters anonymous very helpful in the past and would recommend for anyone although I dont feel its for me anymore.

  • Oh nsidra 😕 If you are unhappy and have had sad news this will make you feel tired, 😕 Please be kind to yourself ❤️ I hope you soon start to feel more cheerful

  • You look very pretty and happy in the photo. Remember that this is your real self. The clouds will pass soon I hope and you will be sunny again... pick yourself up and take little steps. You can do it!!!

  • I know what it's like to feel so depressed that you can't remember anything and it's like walking through thick mud all the time. Your depression needs to be addressed and going to see your GP may be a good starting point. Don't be too concerned about your weight/exercise at the moment but try if you can to get out for a walk as suggested. It may not be possible to go to the countryside but a green space - park etc - would be very calming and help your mood. I have just started walking for half an hour each morning early and am amazed at how much fresher andbetter I feel during the day afterwards. Early days but I am enjoying it which is a good feeling. Be kind to yourself especially during this difficult time due to your health problems. Am sending you a big hug!

  • Hi nsidra

    Sorry to hear your mojo has gone. Life has a way of interfering with our best intentions but you have to learn how to cope as 'life' will always be there regardless of what else you are doing.

    Most, not all, of us here tend to turn to food as our crutch. It's our way of dealing with life's curveball's. We have to unlearn that and then learn to use another crutch.

    Why is it we turn to food and not to, say, knitting or exercise or any number of other choices available to us? It may well be that you need to talk to a counsellor to try and sort out your low self esteem as, say tomorrow you wake up and you're as slim as you ever wanted to be, would your life actually be any better? Yes that one aspect of your life would have changed but the rest of life's stresses will still be there. You would still use food when life starts to get in the way and we all know it will and does. A counsellor may be able to help you deal with life in a different way rather than turning to food. Don't forget that everyday is 14% of your week so one day of naughtiness shouldn't effect a whole weeks results.

    As for exercise, it is one of the best things you can do to boost ones weight loss and ones self esteem. You've felt the rush, the high that exercise gives so even on the down days, get your bum out the door and do something amazing. Even with tears streaming down your face, a walk might be all you need.....

    Good luck young lady

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