12 Stone 11 But weakening

12 Stone 11 But weakening

Well down from 14 13 to 12 11 but I am letting things slip. There is lots going on at home ie building work starting which stops me from exercising. My partner has said when is this going to stop? This makes me feel guilty about being careful about what I eat and not drinking and having fun. She is doing it as well though so I should be grateful for the support. We had a Chinese take away the other night and I am staying at my daughters helping her move this weekend. So it was beers nuts and crisps last night and whatever we can buy at some point today. I am going to help the builder when he starts taking. Walls down etc so hopefully that will burn a few cals. I must remember this has to be a long term plan though a life a change not "going on a diet" and then going back to my old life style.


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9 Replies

  • You're doing a grand job Jeff and your picture is proof of that, you're looking fantastic! :)

    Maybe a 2 stone badge would be a reminder of how well you've done and give you the oomph to keep going? :)

    It's always difficult to stay focused when life starts to get a bit messy and routines are disrupted, but, as you say, this is a change for life and learning to deal with the ups and downs, is part of it. Maybe, the trick is to not think of food and drink as treats and find other ways to reward yourself :)

    I'm sure that helping the builder will be great for toning you up, but it will also make you hungry, so make sure you're prepared with good wholesome meals and don't resort to pie and beer to fill you up! ;)

    Wishing you lots of luck! :)

  • Thanks More or Less for that encouraging support yes you're right I must admit food and drink aren't the be all and end all. I had to laugh signed up for my local gym last week I need to get there now! Anyway although when I did go last Sunday the sound wasn't on when I was on the running machine they were showing Bake Off on the TV screens!

  • Good grief! I thought going to the gym was all about making you forget about food! :D :D

    Enjoy the gym, but maybe take some music with you and keep your eyes closed! ;)

  • Hehe JeffDavies123 this made me chuckle! I have an image now if you all running and cycling whilst drooling over cake!!! Lol 😊

  • Well done for losing some of your extra weight, that's a massive achievement. :)

    I'll read the answers to this thread with interest because I too am feeling like I a might be getting a little weaker in relation to resisting food - I need to re-focus but I too am in the 12 stones after being 15 stone, maybe this is common at this stage? Maybe we just need to work that bit harder to pull our socks up? You're right, this is not a diet, it's for life and it will lead to a much healthier life too! :)

    Good luck with everything that's going on, it does sound stressful but you'll get there, especially with a supportive partner, like the one you have at home! ;)

    Sazkia :)

  • I think the difference between long term successful weight loss/management and short term "dieting" is balance. Easing off for a day or so, having some birthday cake or going on holiday etc is ok so long as we get back on track 😕 Having knowledge and being calorie aware helps me not stray too far, and being "allowed" a few treats also helps with the guilt 😊

    Good luck 😊

  • Thanks Anna when I feel comfortable with myself I willl definitely look to maintain ing my weight thank you.😊

  • Disruption to the home does make things more difficult, but if you plan how you are going to eat during that time and make good choices it should still be manageable. You are looking very trim so it would be a shame to slip back into old ways.

  • Thanks Caz for both your compliment and support and yes you're right😌

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