Day 10 Detox Diet- How do working women get any exercise?!?!?

Hi everyone. So as a lot of you know, I've been on a strict detox diet for a while now to try and really shift some weight quickly. My aim was to lose 11 pounds in 17 days, and I suppose I haven't done badly on this- I have lost 7.7lbs in 10 days. I have stuck to the food rules I set myself- For the first 6 days I was just eating granola bars, fruit juices in the morning, and vegetables for lunch and dinner (steamed/ stir fried/ "souped"), and then I introduced lean means (lean beef, chicken and turkey) on Tuesday.

But since sunday I haven't exercised AT ALL, and I'm worried about certain patterns. Up until now my evenings have been all to myself really, because my boyfriend was working in a hotel doing ridiculous hours- so I could y'know, go to the gym for a couple of hours, have a salad when I get home and go straight to bed. Now, my boyfriend has got a new job where he's at home every evenings, we can spend the whole of sundays together, and he's completely off on Mondays too. Of course I am very happy about this, because I have really missed him the last couple of months, but this means absolute 0 for my fitness regime!!

Because during the week by the time I finish work (5pm), go shopping at Waitrose for dinner/ bits and bobs, get home (6:15pm), do housework (6:45pm), relax a little (15 mins), Get dinner ready for myself and my fella for 8pm, eat and watch a bit of telly, its 9:30 and I have to go to bed (my fella can stay up a little later because he doesn't start as early). I don't want to ask my boyfriend to do dinner all the time, as he doesn't get home until later than me anyway, and I do enjoy cooking and that.

So that just leaves me Friday nights (because I don't have to sleep as early), Saturday daytimes, sunday morning possibly, and maybe Monday evenings (if I can get my fella to do housework/ cook on Mondays) to do exercise. Will this be good enough? Feel like my routine is all the way out of whack now!!! How do you guys do it, how do you fit in exercise!?!?


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9 Replies

  • I have been using my lunch break to get to the pool 3 times a week. I haven't been able to go first thing in the morning (issues with public transport) and I won't go after work (just want to get home by then!) so lunch time is it for me. I don't mind eating at my desk while working so long as I can get out of the building for some time to reset and refresh. I don't know if you have anywhere nearby where you work that you could try this, but it's how I've managed! :)

    Good Luck!

  • I bought an exercise bike and I pedal away whilst watching telly. 20 km is a one hour programme. I go swimming early Sunday morning and after the school run on Thursdays. If time allows, I go for a cheeky third swim on the late night adult only swim sessions. Xx

  • It is hard I try to focus on the 150 minutes - the nhs recommendation - and accept sometimes it is done on just a few days

  • Perhaps you could fit in the short HIIT exercises?

  • Exercise is just movement; maybe you can move more at home...take the stairs more often, pick things up by squatting down and pushing back up using thigh muscles, put on some dance music whilst you cook and do a jig or two in the kitchen; avoid anything that involves just sitting for any length of time. Challenge your fella to a game of table tennis on the dining room table?

  • Maybe you and your hubby could go for a walk together, or go to the gym together, or play badminton, squash, swim together, a couple of evenings a week? :)

    Just a little reminder that you haven't updated the Winter Solstice Challenge this week :)

  • I would get up an hour early 1 day a week and go to the gym before work. You won't miss the hour in bed, because the workout will give you a good boost for the day.

    I tend to get dressed quicker at the gym, so you can fit in a good workout and still make it to work early.

  • Maybe do you shopping online once a week and squeeze in a brisk walk after work? (Easy for me to say as I detest shopping)

  • I sympathise, and as a working woman am really having to think about more movement, and I am trying lots of little things. So I am trying to make sure I park a little further from the office door, supermarket, etc. I look for every opportunity to walk to the copier, water machine, fetch and carry for anyone. At home, I carry up and down the stairs as soon as needs, rather than waiting until I happen to be going up. Then on my days off, I really try to make up for the rest of the week, by taking walks. I really am just looking for any opportunity to move. 🙂

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