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Patty641st 7lbs

Well I don`t know what to say.. I have just found this site again on my computer and I forgot Id joined...very remiss of me, although I have carried on healthy eating and I did print off all the paper work for writing my meals down and portion size . I have lost just over a stone. I am in need of that extra kick or a gentle push as I have a very long journey ahead of me. I have another 8 stone to go and I think this is just what I need. So I will be making an effort to keep in touch. Good Luck to all those that find it difficult . I don`t think any of us find it easy ,I know some days are better than others. It`s nice to be back x

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ZestHealthy BMI

Hi Patty,

Welcome back! Congratulations on losing just over 1 stone, that is brilliant!!! If you would like a Weight Loss Badge to mark that achievement, please let either myself or moreless know, as we would be very happy to award one to you. Just an option to consider!!! :-)

Great that you'll be keeping in touch, and glad you're back! Maybe join in some of our Challenges going on in the forum. The Monday group weigh-in is also really good.

Have a lovely weekend!

Lowcal :-)

Yeah I lost touch for like a week/ week and a half, lost about half a stone (want to lose 2 stone in total) but want to get back on here for advice. I find myself just being excellent during the week and then rubbish on the weekends, and then having to start all over again!!

Patty641st 7lbs
in reply to Chefmel

I think thats just like me seems to get in my way and my head is on backwards lol.

Hidden4 stone

Welcome back. :)


Hello and welcome back 😊 Good luck with the rest of your journey

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