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Another delicious tea , and it only took 8 mins to make

Well Hubble on form with the cooking tonight , a scrumptious delight was set before me , and only 8 mins from coming in from work to sitting down

Breast duck in about 1 cm strips , stir fried with ginger , blanched asparagus and soy sauce , served on bed of cauliflower "rice" topped with cucumber batons and sliced spring onion

Really tasty and highly recommended .

SInce we changed our lives last March he has become such a good cook and comes up with so many scrummy teas .I think I eat so much more than I used to , but the choices that I have learnt on this forum , and my c25k adventure , have taken my tight size 16 trousers down to a very comfortable 10

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Sounds yummy! Well done on your transformation too, excellent stuff :)

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