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Excersise v food

I am struggling. I am either v good with excersise or v good with food. I can't seem to control both.

Like today I went spinning for 20 mins but had a piece of cake. Urghhh.

I know that if I am out of my comfort zone in life I can't control my food.

Does anyone else feel like that?

I am not losing weight but divinely my body shape has changed and clothes are more comfortable. But I'd like to listen she two stone by xmas. I've not weighted myself in ages, as I've reD how they can become your enemy, so I am taking photos.

Any inspiration and ideas greAtky appreciated my friends

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I used to be like that before I realised the food industry was conning me with "you can eat this as part of a healthy balanced diet".

Some foods spike our hormones causing us to want to eat more.

Fructose doesn't trigger any satiating hormones, so we don't know when we're having too much. That makes it easy for us to get fatty liver, with visceral fat that affects the body's organs, making us produce even higher, unhealthy amounts of insulin/IGF-1.

High insulin levels mask that we are having too many carbs, until years down the line our blood glucose starts to rise.

High insulin levels make it difficult to use body fat for energy, and only too easy to store.

Protein too raises insulin/IGF-1, and too much can easily be turned to glucose, with harmful side-products. We age quicker trying to cope.

Some exercise is vital to good health, but exercise is not very effective for weight loss because it can contribute to hunger, and lull us into a false sense of security by thinking it's okay to eat 'a little more'.


I am fully aware about the diet industry. I've done ww so many times. I got sucked into buying their products, drinking diet drinks and keeping busy not to eAt when Iam bored.

This time I've refused to join a diet club, but low fat products as I now check sugar content and I hardly drink fizzy drinks. Maybe a Coke Zero one a month.

I also refuse to keep busy, I think I need to learn to relax and enjoy free time( I have three kids) and also I carry fat around the middle, so this is dangerous and can be a cause from stress. That's why I want to teach myself to relax and not get worked up and stop worry about stupid mean less things.

I hope that makes sense.

I will try and concentrate more on what I put in my mouth and the amount.

It's so hard


Hiya, yes if im stressed or feeling ill then its def more of a challenge to stay away from the cake! Are you counting calories btw?

This might not be helpful, but ive realised i generally need a small treat everyday, or i feel 'diety'. So instead of having a whole slice of unhealthy cake for 400-500 cals, what im going to do is try baking some wholesome treats, like oat cookies with less sugar, which are about 150 cals. This is plan anyway. If i find im just eating a whole tray of cookies in an afternoon i will have to revise the plan, lol.

Maybe after exercise your body needs a bit of sugar, so wants cake. But if you plan to have a small snack straight afterwards it might take the edge off the cravings? Maybe you could make healthier flapjacks and have a small square? Or chop up some favourite fruits and take with you? Then you have that boost of sugar for less cals.


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Hello Ulala 😊

Well done on the changes made so far! Changing shape is an excellent achievement 😊

Taking control of your eating is a skill that can be learnt. Making sure you have enough to eat is vital. Have you checked your BMR at all? This should give you a target range if calories to aim for, and will be more generous if you are exercising 😊

I definitely get hungrier after exercise, so I try to make sure I have a meal planned 😊 As this is normally morning, I often have porrige afterwards, but any low GI carbohydrate would be good, to replenish the stores used up by exercise. This could also be why you are tempted by cake!! 😊 But sugar is not very nutritious, so you will soon be hungry agsin.

There is lots of advice and useful info in the newbies post, as well as links to the 12 week plan which many people have great success with 😊

Good luck and best wishes 😊


I normally have water or low sugar cordial straight after exercising which fills me up and then a banana some fruit at hand to eat straight away. Seems to stop the craving...

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