Lunchtime Help!

Afternoon. I have a lunch issue. I am so bored of my chicken salad everyday I almost fall asleep at my worktop making it. I eat at my desk before going for a walk, every day at work, so I need something in a tub which I can eat easily. My fave sarnies are peanut butter and jam so that's not overly diet friendly!!

So what do people do to spice up their lunch?! I saw a picture/recipe with a meatless bolognese on a spiralized courgette. Now that looks yummy. So how do I serve that? Raw green noodles with a spoon of bolognese on top, thrown at the microwave for an amount of time, before I eat and enjoy it? Help please to improve my lunchtime food :-)


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14 Replies

  • They're fab ideas thank you!

  • Not always but often I'll have left overs from the night before. I do this mainly to save time so I just make more of one meal instead of two, and I find that a bit more exciting and then on the days when I don't have that I have salads and it's fine because it's mixed up a bit. Works for me!

  • That sounds like a really good compromise thank you

  • You should check out our own collection of recipes Maxine :)

  • I'll look at them thank you :-) How's the running this week? Eddie had less adoration last night - I like Sunday car drivers best, they take the time to smile at the little one. And one person said another person had sprinted through the village with a greyhound and we were going far slower! How rude! I noticed all she was doing was standing still, at least Eddie and I were doing our bit for weight loss!

  • I hope you find something you like :)

    My running's going well thanks. 2 x 16k's this week, so far :)

    What a nasty woman! You tell Eddie that I still think he's the best thing since sliced bread! :)

  • I will tell him!

  • Sistema do these really good lunch pots where you can put a salad on the bottom and then section on top including a dressing pot. I put left overs in that and mix it all together- yum

  • That's a good idea thank you

  • Its probably obvious to everyone else but me, but ive just realised about cooking double at dinner and having leftovers for lunch the next day. I was sick of thinking of what to have for lunch every day and as you say, lunch options can get boring. Could you do this, maybe alter it slightly at lunch by adding some fruit or yog or something?

    Or perhaps buy a recipe book of salads for inspiration?

  • I always have some fruit and yogurt in a pot. For some reason I don't mind doing that, probably because I throw blueberries at the greek yogurt, and even I can't get bored of that! This morning I have pomegranate seeds in there too, yummy!

  • I used to take leftovers to work too, veg chilli with rice or roasted veg with feta and cous cous, if you have access to a microwave then these may work for you and I found them a nice change from salad all the time, or mix it up with pasta salads, tuna etc (if you eat that). The courgette noodles you can buy from the supermarket and microwave in the packet they come in or make your own if you have a spiralizer

  • I bought some courgette and also sweet potato and butternut squash noodles from Aldi last night. Who knew they had such adventurous things! So I have them to microwave today with some harisa paste. If I like them I might get a spiralizer

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