Small successes

I'm not really losing at the moment, sort of maintaining. Which, I suppose is OK. There are a lot of positives anyway! Yesterday I looked at my clothes cupboard. We're off to Zambia in November and need to wear light clothes because of the mosquitoes. I need to decide what to buy pretty soon before everything disappears from the shops to be replaced by winter stuff (probably too late anyway).

No problem, I have all I need. Old favourites that I haven't worn in years have been resurrected. I have saved a small fortune! And it did great things for my ego!


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5 Replies

  • It's great isn't it, wearing clothes that had been relegated to the back if the wardrobe 😊 Zambia sounds exciting!

  • Zambia certainly sounds exciting. I'm picturing those linen shirts, light trousers, you must have had a whole pile once you'd finished trying them all on. Maybe you'll find some nice things while you're our there too. Are you getting a malaria vaccine or something before you go? Hope it's not too overpowering :)

  • We need to take malaria tablets while we're there. Not looking forward to that much. But we're visiting a really good friend, so that's the reason we're going. Victoria Falls and a mini-safari are secondary😈

  • What a great feeling I bet! Well done you and enjoy the trip, sounds wonderful!!

  • Wow, have a lovely holiday!

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