Ill but happy

So I have a bad sinus infection, usually when I'm feeling under the weather is a trigger for me to over eat. Very pleased to say have not wanted to do that one bit. Stuck to my guns and getting lots of fruit to help boost the vit c. Also went to sainsburys today and got a pair of jeans. I've never been able to fit into their stuff before so was very happy about that too. How's everyone else getting on this week???


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  • Ah it must be that time of year when everyone falls ill! I have a throat infection which is really starting to become quite painful. :( I really want to just scoff my face but I won't. :P Well done for sticking to your healthy eating and fitting in those clothes, I bet you look great! :)

  • Hi Crimson,

    Sorry to hear you're suffering from a bad sinus infection. I think it's great that you're coping well and looking after yourself. Great that you've also got those jeans from Sainsbury's and they fit - wow, that's so great!

    I have to admit I've been over-eating massively today - I am on my TOTM and I couldn't stop myself - or rather, I didn't stop myself. But I am hoping that the next 4 days will be better, and I can get back on track before the Monday weigh-in. That's my plan!

    Wishing you a speedy recovery, and continue to look after yourself. Glad you're feeling happy, as that's a great feeling.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hey lowcal, know that feeling they just changed my contraception coz bled for 5 weeks solid was awful. She says that's why my immune system is low. Probably down in iron etc. Nothing a few weeks of eatting well can't fix. As for over indulging, we all do it and it's best I find not to make a massive issue of it. Just move forward. That's what "normal" sized ppl do so we can too x x x x hope you feel better soon

  • Thanks, I will hope to put it behind me and move on. Thanks for your kind words, Crimson, and here's to a good few days ahead. Hopefully you'll be feeling better really soon. :-) xxx

  • In your own words Lowcal today is past and start tomorrow on a positive note.

    I don't have the TOTM now but my daughter came back off holiday with a big bag of M&M's and I must admit I have had a few so had to add them into my allowance amazing how many calories they clock up. I will think twice next time.😱

    Hope the hunger monster isn't hanging around tomorrow for you.πŸ‘

  • Aww I am sorry you feel a little under the weather this time of year is awful for colds and infections, the season starts to change and as soon as the kids have gone back to school it seams to get passed around more.

    Wow how your hard work is paying off and there's 25% at the moment too.πŸ‘πŸ˜Š

  • Hope you feel better soon Crimson and well done for sticking to your healthy eating.

  • Well done ! 😊

    Ive also been ill, with a bad cold. Managed to mostly stick to my cals though. Having a hungry day today though! X

  • I had hungry days when calorie counting. Can safely say I haven't had one since doing weight watchers from gp. Been fantastic x

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