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Onwards and Downwards

For the first time from starting my new journey for the life long new me it's been a a bit of a crappy yesterday and even worse today ........yes it's the TOTM and my get up and go I think has got up and gone . No motivation and nearly had a massive binge earlier I was shopping with my daughter after school she took me down the Xmas chocolate isle!!I my mouth started to water I know I can have a treat but if I'm being honest I'm not mentally ready yet and I know if I had I bar of chocolate I would continue then would have been really mad with myself then it would possible continue but what I did think to myself I have really enjoyed the last 5 half weeks so while I let my daughter chose her treat I picked up a can of Pepsi max came home cooked dinner which occupied me then after cleaning up I thought OK I have got lots of veggies I need to use up so made some home made soup chicken veg I've been promising my dad to make some soup so I did I can't freeze anymore lol so I will be going there in abit after Eloise goes to bed which should take me nicely to bed time I know after tomorrow hooray it will be all done for another 4 weeks and I hope my get up and go returns!

Onwards and Downwards

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Hi Lizzy70,

I am going to join you in this, as I am also on my TOTM and I have actually succumbed to some significant over-eating today, on all kinds of things, and I felt like I just couldn't stop myself. I wish I'd had the self-control that you have clearly shown, as you WERE able to stop yourself and you opted for that tasty soup.

I am going to try to focus on a better day tomorrow, and put it behind me.

I would like to commend you for coping so well, and you have inspired me to try to do much better tomorrow.

So thanks Lizzy, and I think you are doing really well.

Lowcal :-)


Hang on in there, Lizzy! :)

It is difficult, I know, but this will only last a few days at worse! I always find the first two days the toughest and then I'm okay...I get a bit emotional the week running up to my TOTM too so I love those two weeks and a bit when I feel sane!! :P

You're doing really well and you should feel very proud for not giving in, well done! :) :D

Sazkia x ♥ x


Oh WELL DONE YOU Lizzy! What a star! I've had the greedies today and I can't even blame it on hormones! You're an inspiration to us all! You've cracked this! :)

Keep up the great work, you're doing brilliantly! :)


Very well done on not giving in !! That's really tough. 😕

Have a good day today 😊

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