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Thank you for all of the lovely replies, suggestions and support..

As you can see I have changed my username to one which reflects my profession, as I run a farm with my husband. I feel more positive now, I know its very early days..and I have already had cravings for chocolate, which I managed to ignore..yey!!

The photo is of one of our beautiful calves..

I can feel my body adjusting to the new diet..my main problem is that because I have so much arthritis and body mass that I cannot do any exercise... I could not go swimming at this size if someone paid me..I would die of embarrassment..besides which I would be so afraid that I would not be able to get in and out of a pool unaided as I have to use a zimmer frame at home to get about the house..

I get so tired by the end of the day, just the effort of moving about a bit leaves me exhausted..I will try and do a bit more each day of moving about the house.

My GP is quite useless as she insists that because I have lost over 12 stone before, that I can replicate this feat and just DO IT AGAIN..I will probably ask to be weighed by the surgery nurses,when I go for my flu jab in early Oct but usually I try and stay away from the surgery unless I am absolutely desperate for help with a problem..at least then I will know a) my exact weight and b) if I am losing weight..

So once again thank you all for your lovely messages of support..and your warm welcome to this site..x

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That's a much better name Sue! :)

Don't worry about exercise yet, as you say, you're working as hard as a weightlifter anyway. Just moving about is going to be more than enough and you'll be able to gradually increase, as you start to lose the weight.

How about taking all your measurements, because that would be a great way to judge any inch loss, until you can weigh yourself? :)

You can do this and we can help! :)


I am happy you have changed your name. One step at a time, do what you can; the rest will come with time. You seem calmer and happier than your last post, which is very good. :)


Hi Sue,

Your photo hasn't come out - it would be lovely to see your calves, I bet they look gorgeous.

Glad you're feeling a bit better, and wishing you all the best for a great week ahead.

Lowcal :-)


Keep going Sue - even a little bit of increased activity is going to help and we're all here supporting you


Hi Farmersue

I really like your new name much better for you.

Don't get stressed about anything make small changes to your diet as you have done just resisting the chocolate.

Moorless has given you a good idea to measure different parts of your body as you see losses there and it's not all about numbers on scales.

Each small bit of walking you do will have huge benefits and you will feel better for it.

Shame the calf didn't come out I really envy you living on a farm what a lovely place to live. 😊

Small steps grow into bigger ones the toitoise won over the hare remember. 💐


Hello Farmer Sue, once again welcome (love the new name btw). It's so nice to read your post - your optimism this time shines right through, so if you feel it wavering, get back here & we'll get you back on track.

With regards to exercising, any exercise is good exercise, so even if your mobility is hindered at the moment, how about searching for some chair based activities on YouTube? As you progress, you could add in some arm weights which will help with toning you muscles.

Well done on avoiding the chocolate! Best of luck ☺


So like me I do chair exersise my ou said I should wiggle my legs and feet and walk around so that's why I' have lost to stone so now my ou is talking to someone who has a hydrotherapy pool I get a one hour private with my carer and ou


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