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Not feeling it today 😔

Not feeling it today 😔

I works out yesterday and today got up for uni with a back pain. Went to the university library and stayed there till a little after 5 photocopying notes and catching up on chosen topic reading "postmodernism" 👍🏻

I had 2 cafe mochas one in the morning when I got to uni as I was feeling so cold and started to love that mocha and one while studying in the library the back pain started to progress 😡 As time went by

I went to the toilets oh it was a nightmare finding one and then to my embarrassment had to ask. I remember I saw this mirror in the girls and it was massive and I couldn't bare it I had to take not one or 2 but a few cheeky selfies and then sent a whole bunch to my friend as a laugh.

Now I have a terrible back pain. As promised I did get my new mirror so yay it came today another nightmare dragging it up the stairs but I got it up in the room where everything happens 😂 so happy now I can take better selfies. It's a larg mirror with legs what more can a girl want 😂

Another happy moment for me is that my 6kg medicine ball arrived so more work out 👍🏻 to me that's brilliant news.

But sadly I can't do any of my work out as I have a really terrible back pain due to working out yesterday night even did the stretching afterwards and nowI need to rest and miss out on a session and this is t good news it's really sad for me because I feel like I'm missing out on burning calories and I really wanted to use my medicine ball.

Now im stuck in bed resting my back. I wasn't going to go in to uni on the count of this but did as I had lectures on proposal writing and so much learning to do regarding one of my modules that I'm excited about.

I've added one of my selfies that I took today and it also has my weight loss transformation also thank fully the mirror is whole and clean and a clearer image of me 👍🏻

Have a good evening and see you lovely people tommorow hopefully with better updates

Night night 😊

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Hi Nsidra,

This is a lovely photo of you! :-) I am sorry to hear you have back pain, that is not nice for you, and I hope you get better soon.

Take care, and wishing you a good sleep tonight.

Lowcal :-)

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Hiya, im sorry you are in pain, back pain is horrible. I hope you feel better soon. ☺ xx


You look so happy 😜

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Don't overdo it until the back pain goes. Try lying on a soft carpet or mat, draw knees up towards your chest and rock from left to right giving your lower back a massage. Try just stretching or Pilates until you feel fitter. Hope you feel better soon.

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