Eat more to lose more 😋

After reading LessToLose pinned post on checking out your BMI to calculate how many calories YOU specifically need to lose weight.....I feel tons better! I thought I'd gone over my quota which is based on the generalised 1400 calories for a woman. I've now calculated using the NHS BMI calculator and am jumping for joy!!! I can have almost 1600! It's definitely worth a read if you guys haven't already 😊

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  • I am so pleased it has helped you - I did exactly the same when I first started the diet and thought I was a horrible failure because I was going over every day - and I felt really tired and weak.

    Thank goodness Moreless set me right and I began to eat the proper amount for my weight and the weight has come off consistently ever since.

    Enjoy your 1600 calories and good luck with your weight loss journey, Tracy :) :)

  • Thank you LessToLose it really has helped!

  • I can't see that post, any idea what it was called please?

  • Scrap that I've found it . X

  • Yes, we're all different and in a lot of ways the NHS BMI calories counter is more useful than the generalised version! I am glad you can eat that bit more and it'll be a more sustainable diet id you eat better, like you are now doing. Well done and the very best of luck to you. :)

  • Think this may suit me

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