Protein Carbs and Fat %'s

can anyone suggest what mix of Protein Carbs and Fats I should be aiming for?

I am not sure that MFP is accurate regarding carbs and proteins, really struggle to get enough protein to hit the target on the app (172g) there is 300g of chicken in my curry, now I feel really bloated, and I've still only had 140g of protein.

I've decided to ignore that part of the MFP app and just concentrate on getting a balance and staying on track with calories.

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  • HI Andy,

    The NHS Choices website has the Eatwell Guide, and here is the link page, if you want to look at that:

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi lowcal i know the link was posted after Andy's query but i looked at it too and found it very informative I've taken a lot from it and i would like to say thank you😀👍

  • Glad you found it useful, Rosie! :-)

  • I struggle with protein too, MFP says 82g for me, but I found a calculation on line and that worked out yo about 56g being ideal for me, think it's based on personal stats.

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