It's Morning and it's someone's birthday - cakes in the staff room

Not just cakes but homemade cakes - chocolate cupcakes and a beautiful victoria sandwich cake

Have looked on the calorie calculator and without having the opportunity to weigh the said indulgence it looks like I'm probably going to have to use between 300 and 350 calories if I want to participate

Is it worth it - well I'm going to give it a go

I'll cut a small piece of the cake and allow 350cals from my daily allowance of 1750

As a real test I'm going to go and get it now before the locusts get in there at morning break but leave it on my desk to have it after my lunch with a nice cuppa

I know it's early days for me but I also know I can't go through life never eating naughties and I have to have them in a controlled manner

Wish me luck!


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7 Replies

  • It's fine just calorie count it. You are allowed a treat from time to time. ☺ enjoy!

  • Honestly, have that piece of cake and enjoy it!

    Just keep going with your usual healthy eating etc and you will be just fine! xx

  • Savour it

  • Well done for the self control needed there! You have the right idea for sensible eating.

    I sometimes take a piece and wrap it up to take home for someone else to eat.....seems to stop me feeling deprived somehow.

  • Hi same as everyone else says just add it in your allowance, life has to be worth living and the odd treat is ok. 🍰

  • Hi Annabelle! :)

    Some cake now and then is not bad; as long as we don't over-indulge a treat is perfectly acceptable. :D Enjoy the cake! :)

  • Excellent plan 😊 Having treats is part of life. Enjoy your well deserved cake.

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