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Trying to kick start the weight loss!


Hi everyone,

I'm fed up of being overweight and need something new to kick start my weigh loss, I'm hoping this is it!

I find myself being all enthusiastic to begin with then the willpower just disappears, I have tried WW so many times now that it just bores me!

If anyone has any tips on keeping strong and determined I would appreciate the advice.

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ZestHealthy BMI

Hi Hels70,

Welcome to the Weight Loss NHS forum. I would recommend reading our Welcome Newbie post as a starting point, as it highlights many of the things that past and present forum members enjoy about the forum - it's in the Pinned posts section (right-hand-side of the homepage).

Also, if you look down to the Events section, you'll see the latest post of the Monday group weigh-in session, which is going on today - so do join us if you fancy a weigh-in! We're a friendly and supportive group. There are other Challenges going on as well - so check out the Pinned posts for details of those, and do join in with anything you like the look of.

The NHS 12 week plan is really good, and you can find details of that in the Welcome Newbie post and there is also a link to download the plan available in the homepage too.

Good luck, and have a great week.

Lowcal :-)

Ruby81 stone

Hi there. I find being part of this forum really helps. Posting regularly and replying to other peoples posts helps you to feel part of things and it is a motivator, especially if you join in on the Monday weigh in or one of the challenges.

The real secret is keeping yourself going after the initial burst of dieting enthusiasm and see this as a long term lifestyle change, so only make changes you are happy with and able to sustain long term. It's a marathon not a sprint! I promise you, you will feel amazing and so empowered if you keep going, once you have made that commitment it gets easier as time goes by and you form new, healthier habits. Seeing and feeling the weight come off is a great feeling!

I'm sure other people will have lot's of great tips for you. Good luck!!

Ruby8 x


Well this forum is a great place to start! I too know the feeling of starting off all enthusiastic then losing motivation - I was like that until I came here and there's still no shutting me up! :P

You can do this, mental attitude is key here; if you can be your own cheer leader and have a 'can do' attitude you're already half way there. Of course we'll be your cheerleaders too, I just love pom poms!! :D :p

Siouxie1 stone

Hiya Hels70

I am a total Newbie starting today as well. I have Followed you in case we can help each other on this Forum although my motivation has also waivered in the past so perhaps we'll see - ha ha ha!

I think we have done a really good thing because we have made a start today. Let's make this the one that works for us!

I feel the need for a 3 Musketeers-type cheer now or something.


lea57-49r1st 7lbs

Coming onto this forum regularly and posting will make a big difference. It really helps to keep me motivated. Like you I tried weight watchers several times and it didn't work for me. This is a better forum. Best of luck.

Im finding this forum is making all the difference to my motivation, because everyone is so encouraging. Xx


I think the big thing is finding a way of eating that can be sustained for life, therefore one that allows treats and includes favourite foods. 😊 Absolutely not a 'diet' that can be 'broken' 😊

Also accepting that holidays and birthdays happen, that we will slip up, but can draw a line under it and move forward. 😊

Good luck!

Right I'm gonna join you. I'm getting married again this time next year I need to lose 4 stone. Eeeek I need as much support as possible I must admit

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