Intuitive eating!!!

Hi all

I haven't been on here for a while as I have so much stress in my head. I read too muchand feel that I should try to to in n tuitive eating but I am fat! And I desperately need to lose the weight for health reasons. It drives me mentally insane not knowing what to do. I am a binge eater and they say that dieting is the worst thing you can do BUT I am fat! My doctor wants me to lose weight for my knees and I am so uncomfortable with myself. Embarrassed and ashamed by the way I look. I feel that calorie counting is the medication for my illness and I need to do it this way. Anyone else have these feelings too? Sorry for the rant. xx


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  • I think that many people here have often given the right advice and that is that we need to view our weight loss as part of a healthier way of life rather than a diet. That if our weight is causing us health issues we should reduce it. I think calorie counting is the best way to lose weight. I think we also have to reflect on what we eat and make healthy choices. But we are not machines and the odd slip up or treat is not the end of the world if we have mostly taken a healthy approach to our diets. I have finished 1 round of the nhs 12 week challenge and am on week 2 of a reboot. I found this smaller chunked approach really useful. All the weight I need to lose can be overwhelming but the next 10 lbs is an okay number. I wish you luck as you reboot!

  • Thank you so much for your reply. It is so lovely to actually hear what I needed to hear. x

  • No worries have you thought about joining the winter solstice challenge that way you can set yourself a mini goal. Good luck

  • No I haven't seen it but will have a look. Sounds good. x

  • Heya. I personally think calorie counting is the best way. A couple weeks ago i tried to do something similar to intuitive eating ie. Eat three normalmsized meals and a couple small snacks, but it wasnt structured enough and i kept sneaking in too many treats and just too much food, and put on weight.

    My advice, from someone who is also an overthinker when it comes to diets, is do this nhs plan with calorie counting, as its a trusted, well thought out eating plan thats worked for a lot of people. Dont worry if its the ' perfect' one for you, as most decent weightloss plans work if you persevere. Its the perseverance that counts, not the perfection of the plan.

    You might be interested in this short article on calorie counting versus intuitive eating.

    Also dont worry, the nhs plan isnt a restictive 'diet' so it should not trigger binges. Yes they recommend counting calories but if you have the right allowance you shoukdnt go hungry, and theres no need to be obsessional about it as if its a diet. Its just guidance for a long term healthy lifestyle.


  • Thank you so much for your reply. Just what I needed to hear. You are both right and I need to get on and do this. x

  • Youre very welcome, glad to be of help. You can do this, just take one day at a time. ☺Xx

  • Thank you. It's nice to have someone to talk to. x

  • Hi Cassy63 It is so good you have come back, unless that happens and you look in every day (as I do now) you are never going to break the cycle, I know I have been there, constantly y0-yoing and putting it off. I have a very good printout on my frig that someone on here wrote and it has so much on it that I have known over the years but it has really given me motivation to do the traffic light system in my head, ie when tempted to reach for "something not ideal for dieting". think RED STOP, AMBER THINK AGAIN AND GREEN- BE SENSIBLE!"

  • Thank you. I do try to look in everyday. Some days are difficult though. I love this. I shall definitely be printing it out. x

  • Maybe you should read the qvc presenter Debbie flints books, she does an intuitive kind of diet, eat when you are hungry etc. Very interesting read. Didn't suit me as I feel in control counting calories but might suit you. X good luck

  • Thank you very much. I shall have a look. X

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