Progress :D

17 days ago I posted saying my weight was 17st10... today it's 17st4. This is mostly down to the obscene amount of walking I've done, starting swimming again (including a walk up/down the Hill of Evil, which I can do without getting breathless now) and absolutely nothing to do with the massive pizza I had with friends last night... That said, it was the first pizza I've had in a while that wasn't made with pitta bread, so I don't feel too guilty. It's nice to be able to treat myself now and then :)

I've decided my interim goal is to be able to fit into all my old size 18 corduroys by November so I have more than one pair of trousers to wear when the weather turns cold, and I can finally wear the new ones mum bought me last year as she's sort of in denial about how big I am and bought me a size too small.

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5 Replies

  • A brilliant achievement well done 😀. Good luck with those trousers

  • Thanks. I've got a pair of bright purple size 14s that I would dearly love to be able to wear again...

  • We would love to see them when you reach your goal

  • That's great news! Very well done 😊🎉👏🎈😊 I'm sure you will soon bi in those trousers 😊

  • Well done give you self a big pat on the back fantastic keep going. ☺

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