Cooked breakfast on a diet, surely not?

I treated hubby and I to a small pack of lovely dry cured back bacon with minimal fat and decided a mini cooked breakfast was in order for a slow and gentle Sunday morning: 3 rashers of bacon with all visible fat cut off 171 cals, 1 dry fried egg 73 cals, 36g baby mushrooms cooked in Frylight 14 cals (10 for the frylight and 4 for the shrooms) 133g Asda Smart Price tinned tomatoes 30 cals - a lovely plate of traditional English for only 288 cals - what a super start to a Sunday!


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5 Replies

  • It just goes to show that you can enjoy all foods as long as you are careful about the fat content, and portion size. Good for you, glad you enjoyed your breakfast! :-)

  • Sounds lovely :)

  • Lovely, that's what it's all about; learning that we can still eat well if we put a little thought into these things and like you have clearly just demonstrated, it means we can still enjoy good food. :) I am glad you've enjoyed your Sunday cooked breakfast, it sounds lush! :)

  • Since I have been on this new eating lifestyle I never realised what's in food and have never been more picky. Your meal sounds delicious amazing what we learn along our journey. 👍😊

  • We have cooked breakfast most weekends 😊 it's all about balance 😊 Yours sounds lovely 😊 Hope you enjoyed it ❤️

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