Dinner Time

Dinner Time

Hi Everyone!

After seeing lots of dishes that people have made I thought I would post a picture of tonight's dinner. I think this highlights that just because we're eating a calorie restricted diet does not mean we can't eat plenty! This meal is packed with lots of good stuff and is low in calories (or is it? Do you think 596 is a lot for a main meal?) yet as you can see is a full plate of food.

This is vegetarian, not vegan. The bread you can see is eggy bread with red onions (I still have a lot of eggs left so I need to eat them up but once they've been eaten that is it, full vegan from then on).

This is Mediterranean veg, baked beans (Heinz 50% less sugar 25% less salt variety) and spinach and baby leaves and of course a glass of water = 596 calories.

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  • Hi Sazkia,

    I think 595 calories is fine for a main meal - and your meal looks very tasty. Hope you enjoyed it.

    Have a lovely evening!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thank you! :) I like my food to be very colourful but I will admit, my meals are quite basic, I'm reasonably new to vegetarianism and veganism but I'll get better as time goes on. :)

    Sazkia x

  • I saw you were looking at getting some great recipe books from your local library - that's such a great way to resource things, I do the same thing. I love going to the library and usually get quite a few books on recipes and nutrition. I've recently got some new books out, and I"m very excited to hopefully read some of them tomorrow. Good luck with your recent quest to eat a vegetarian and sometimes vegan diet - hope you'll find some lovely recipes and ideas. :-)

  • Yes, the vegan book is currently not available as someone has already checked out with it but I am eager to read it and gain some ideas. :) I'll let you know how I get on ! ;)

  • Heya Sazkia, looks yum, especially the mediterranean veg! I think about 600 cals is fine for dinner.

    I tried to go vegan last spring, but only managed about a month and gave up. I dont eat gluten so when i cut out animal products aswell i just found it too diffucult. Also i went from omni to vegan which is quite a leap. At the moment im buying only free range meat and obv eggs, and trying to increase my vegan meals. I really did enjoy plant based eating though so i might try again one day. Apart from the fact i felt better about what i was eating, i had more energy and mental clarity, and my skin really cleared up, i guess from cutting out dairy.

    Wishing you lots of luck with your new vegan lifestyle, well done you, i think its a great thing to do. ☺ xxx

  • I am glad you had so many positive results from a vegan life-style. I don't know if I can maintain it but once I have some better ideas for meals etc then I think it might get easier. :) Also, I am keen on animal welfare and animal rights so I really want to do this, I just have to not give in to temptation! :P

    Thanks for the luck, I reckon I shall need it haha! Xx

  • Sounds like youll be fine, especially once you find your fave meals. I got rid of most of my second hand vegan books but ive kept 'oh she glows' because it looks the most useful and has gluten free recipes.

    I really need to cut out dairy but i think im addicted! Damn you, cheese!


  • haha I can understand the dairy thing, I love drinking milk and enjoy the taste of cheese!! I'll let you know how I go on but I think I'll be okay with soya milk, as I like the taste of that too. :)

    You could try cutting it out for like two weeks of every month, then you wouldn't be eating it as often or try to gradually cut down on it? It's worth a try! :) But of course diary is good for us but I don't like the ethics of how the milk is obtained and I just don't want to feel guilt when I am eating or drinking something. :P I guess my reasons are quite selfish.

  • Ha, Yep guilt is the reason i think ill probably try going vegan again at some point. At the moment im putting my guilt in a box in my head,but dont think i can do that forever. I think of the baby cows confused faces when they are being taken from their mothers at 1 day old, its horrible.

    You might be interested in this article which quotes a Harvard doctor. webmd.com/diet/healthy-kitc...

    It basically says dairy isnt that great for you, and you dont need it to be healthy, which is quite comforting. I think almonds have calcium in, and leafy greens, which are both great for weightloss aswell!

    I think your idea to cut it out for a couple weeks is a good idea. I might try a week first, as that seems doable. I can go without cheese and yogurt ok i think, but im intolrant to soya so milk for my tea and muesli is a tough one. Tried loads of other plant milks and they are all watery to me. Almond milk is ok for museli but i dont like nutty tea, and rice milk and oat milk are too sweet . Maybe i just need to drink my redbush black and deal with it lol.

  • That is really interesting! Thanks for that, that makes me feel a bit better about going vegan, knowing I'm not depriving my body of anything if I eat right - plants have all the nutrients (and more) that our bodies need and if we're just a little clever we can do this vegan life-style thingy-me-bob! ;)

    I couldn't have my tea with out milk, sorry! But I'm not allergic to soya so I can still have soya milk in it instead. :P You'll do what's best for you albinohedgehog and you'll do it when you're ready, no worries. :) As long as you're happy and healthy it'll be fine. :)

  • I didn't realise until now, that you were trying to eat more vegetarian food. I am a vegetarian an have been for 26-27 years. I do eat fish and eggs though.

  • That would make you a pescetarian then, someone who eats fish but not the flesh of other animals. :)

  • Yes, I think it is also called a lacto-ovo-pesco vegetarian

  • Yes, I find it easier to remember it as pescetarianism though, the other term is a bit of a tongue twister haha! :P xx

  • I am also veggie plus fish but dairy intolerant. So sort of vegan plus eggs plus fish. We're a weird bunch aren't we! I was fully veggie for a long time (since 2004 ish, before that was veggie plus fish) but recently returned to fish and also only found out I was dairy intolerant in the last couple of years.

  • I love my dairy but suspect I might have a slight intolerance for the stuff or perhaps I consume it at the wrong time of day (usually night). I'll let you know if I notice a change after I've been vegan for a while. :)

  • I would say 600ish is about perfect if that's what you get! Great stuff

  • Thanks, I couldn't finish it; I guess my stomach has shrunk in the nine weeks I've been eating healthier and smaller. :P lol x

  • Hi saskia your meal looks great i love beans and eggy bread, lol i have the same dinner set onwards and downwards 👍

  • haha do you really ? That's cool! :P

  • Lol I've even got matching cups haha😁

  • Do you shop at Tescos by any chance? HAHA! :P

  • Hi Sazkia. This is right up my street too. I had beans with my breakfast yesterday and made homemade sausages with fried onions, breadcrumbs and barley (blended smooth), shaped into short fat sausages and carefully fried on all sides. You can be quite inventive with vegan stuff as it's all things that wouldn't give you food poisoning if you accidentally undercooked them. But aside from looking for specifically vegan cookbooks look at eastern cuisines or things like middle eastern mezze that don't tend to include dairy, there will be lots of ideas there. I also have a really old veggie cookbook by Sarah Brown which has lots of vegan as well as veggie recipes, I saw it on amazon for 1p. So maybe look at stuff like that too :)

  • Ah, that's very clever....! I shall follow your advice. ;) Yes, why did I not think of Amazon??? I normally love that place for second hand books because I can get them really cheap! :D

  • Great :) let me know if you find anything interesting :)

  • Sure thing. :)

  • Hi Sazkia,

    I'm neither vegetarian nor vegan, but I love eating vegetarian food.

    Looks delicious and thanks for sharing 😊

  • I have just reserved a book at my local library called "Go Lean Vegan" by Christine Bailey. It's a 30 day diet plan. I'll let you know how I get on with it.Jayne

  • Thank you, that would be great. :)

    Sazkia x ♥

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