Serial dieter, new to blogging

Well, here goes! Just to say that following an NHS health check I am trying to get healthy. I need to lose weight, lower cholesterol and lower blood pressure. I am a vegetarian and would really like hear from others who follow a similar diet. My biggest problem is cutting down on cheese, don't really like tofu and quorn. I am just coming up to my seventy fifth birthday. I have arthritis in both hips and both knees but am fairly active. I walk quite a lot go to exercise classes two or three times a week and garden nearly every day. I am sole carer for my 88 year old husband who has health issues and I am not able to leave him alone for too long. I sometimes feel quite isolated which is the reason I decided to try this.


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  • Hi Joanie-o,

    Welcome to the Weight Loss NHS forum. It's great that you've joined us, and I hope you'll enjoy being part of this community - it's a friendly and supportive place and there's lots going on in the forum. I would suggest reading our Welcome Newbie post, which you can find in the Pinned posts area (right-hand-side of the homepage).

    I hope you have a lovely weekend. The NHS 12 week plan is really good, and you can find links to that in the Welcome Newbie post.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Welcome Joanie

    You have made the right choice in joining this forum, I also feel a bit isolated at times (I live half way up a mountain in Portugal!) and it can make it very difficult to motivate yourself to lose weight and keep going on bad days, but you can rely on this forum to provide all the moral support you need.

    I joined this forum 6 months ago as I was concerned with the health issues attached to being overweight as you get older (currently 66) and it has made my weightloss journey/road back to health not only painless, but actually enjoyable (tip, join in some of the challenges, they are great fun and very motivational).

    I am also vegetarian and don't like meat substitutes such as tofu or quorn. I recently found a Lebanese cookbook, A Lebanese Feast by Mona Hamadeh, and can thoroughly recommend it, over 100 vegetarian recipies (no tofu or quorn) which I am currently working my way through.


  • Ooh nice...I shall look in my library for that book as I too struggle for recipe ideas for vegetarian dishes. I'm gradually moving to veganism though, which is proving a bit tricky.

  • A lot of Lebanese cooking (and the recipies in the book) are vegan as they have a strong Christian tradition of eating only vegan during lent.

  • Cool, I did look for it in my library online system and I can't find it. :( I'll keep an eye out for it though. :)

  • Me I'm the total meat eater, I really can't war for that steak!

    A lovely casserole, I sometimes cook is root veg, ( I love celeriac) and leeks in chunks, in a tomato, veg stock sauce, ( I add a tablespoonful of tomato purée, ) slow cook and add herb dumplings to it, serve with green veg

  • I just checked my local library on-line system and found this: 'The ultimate book of vegan cooking : everything you need to know about going vegan, from choosing the best ingredients to practical advice on health and nutrition

    Author: Bishop-Weston, Tony.'

    I've placed it on hold as it is currently out and it seems they only have one copy. I'm looking forward to reading it though! :)

  • Please let me know if it is good.

  • I will do xx

  • Hi joanie-o :)

    Welcome to the forum, it's very nice to have you on board. :) I hope you'll find us to be a friendly and helpful bunch and be active as that's how ideas are formed, shared and stored for other members to look at. :) We have a really nice informal weigh-in on Mondays and it need not be stressful, everyone is very kind and no matter what people will be supportive and gentle with you. :) We're all trying to fight our own battles and we know what it can be like so no judgement here, so don't worry! ;)

    You sound like a wonderful person who works hard looking after their husband and being active won't be an issue for you. :) I too am vegetarian and I don't eat tofu or quorn and usually experiment with herbs and spices. I am working on becoming vegan, gradually. It's a little tricky but it's something I really want to do. :)

    Good luck!


  • You ought to speak to LessToLose Saskia, she's the most successful vegan slimmer I know of! :)

  • Thank you, moreless :) I shall click follow on her profile, keep an eye out lol! :P

    LessToLose if you have any wisdom to impart on me then please feel free, anytime. ;)

    Sazkia x

  • That sounds like a brilliant idea! :)

  • Good morning joanie-o 😊

    You have had a warm welcome onto the forum and some excellent advice 😊

    I am also a big fan of cheese. I use the low fat ready grated cheese, I find it easier to limit myself this way. (If I buy a block of nice cheddar it just evaporates!! 😜 Lol.) It tastes good and works well in cheese sauce for cauliflower or lasagne. I also use cheese slices which are portion controlled, and treat myself to St Agur now and again.

    good luck and best wishes 😊

  • I used to buy sliced cheese, now I love tesco extra mature or Aldi strength 7 extra mature, I am able to weigh and measure a chunk too to 30g

  • Ooooh well done!! That's hard😕 I've been known to weigh a piece, find it was over, trim it, and . . . Eat the piece I trimmed off!! Eeeek 😜😜😜

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