Already messed up

...a bit. I am inherantly an all-or-nothing kind of person, as evidenced by yesterday's 700 calorie deficit. No wonder I was feeling rough. Then I decided that it was OK in that case, having finished dinner etc, that since I was doing OK I'd have a bag of crisps. Then a beer.

970 calories later I went to bed. Evenings are a very tough time - previously I'd binge on a lot of crisps and beer as a crutch for my emotional state, which without going into details, is deeply entrenched.

I'm also historically very harsh on myself. But I'm trying to learn from this. First, a lesson can be taken that snacks etc can spiral out of control very, very quickly. Second, those crisps had more calories than my evening meal. Good grief, that is perspective.

I've tried to put it behind me; I still have a plan, and it was naive to think I wouldn't make mistakes. I just need to learn from them. But I'd rather be honest about it.


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9 Replies

  • that's why planning filling nutritious meals is so important, so that you aren't hungry and tempted to snack. Just draw a line under it and start again, every day is a new day!

  • None of us go into this and do everything (or anything) perfectly. This is a journey of learning and discovering what is right for us as unique individuals. I look at this as a way to love myself, to show my body I care so deeply for it, that I only want to consume good food and exercise to keep it healthy and for it to have the best. That includes forgiving myself when I do something I know wasn't the best thing to do, because things happen; even with the best of intentions.

    Like Caz said, draw a line under it. You can do this but understand that the road to successful weight loss has it's ups and it's downs. It's a lot like a roller coaster but when you get to the finishing line you'll have a BIG smile on your face and feel great!

    Sazkia x ♥

  • Excellent answer Sazkia 😊 I was going to say something very similar! Just draw a line under it, you didn't 'fail' you 'learnt' Lofters 😊 Good luck!

  • Exactly, no such thing as failure if you have learned something from it. :)

  • I've fallen off the wagon a few times, just get back on and keep going! It works!!

  • Me too

  • So did I ....and still do ...but its soldiering on that counts!!

  • So true elliebath, it's what you do MOST of the time that counts in the long run!

  • Yes, I think you have correctly identified that it is a problem to eat in an uncontrolled way, even if the actual number of calories are OK. Our bodies like to have a routine, boring as that is for our minds at times. But it's much better to have a set number of calories for breakfast, lunch and dinner and stick to that rather than be up and down and all over the place.

    If you can get that routine in place 80% of the time, then the occasional celebration, christmas do, etc. won't be too damaging.

    I've also got a longstanding mental condition, and have medicated with food at times, so really understand your comments re snacking. But I have found that, for me, going to bed with a good book (am currently working my way through the complete works of Ruth Rendell) is just as comforting as eating a tub of ice cream or a big bar of choc etc. etc.

    Best of luck - I think you will find that if you can exert control in your eating, you will have more confident to tackle any other problem areas.

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