Help - underactive thyroid and NOT losing weight

Please Help ! ! !

Diagnosed underactive thyroid last October. Don't seem able to lose weight.

Have read articles (probably shouldn't have) something about metabolism slowing down ???

Any suggestions would be more than welcome. Signed up for newsletter and online support.



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  • Having an underactive thyroid means yes, your body processes calories in slower than your average person. Best way to do this is to keep your calorie count low (1500kcals-ish), and exercise if definitely your friend. Cardio activities like running, cycling or swimming work best.

  • Thanks really appreciate advice. Glad I found this site.

  • Hi Pollyette. Underactive thyroid can affect your metabolism, so watching your calorie intake and exercise are important, but so is making sure you're on the correct medication dosage. You should be having regular blood tests when first diagnosed to get the dosage at the correct level and a TSH of around 1 or under usually results in fewest symptoms.

    I was diagnosed hypothyroid last December and lost a stone within a few months of taking medication, but my weight loss then did slow down. Check when you're due a review and mention to your GP if you're still experiencing symptoms including inability to lose weight.

  • Thanks so much. Have not lost any weight from taking last October, dosage was upped in February. Could be you're right and I need it looking at. Thanks again!

  • Hello Pollyette 😊 I also hoped to lose weight and this didn't happen, but I did feel better for the medication 😊

    Weight loss is still possible but slowly . . . Check your BMR and target calories and also ensure you get enough exercise, that way you will lose fat, but perhaps not many pounds at the scales, I have lost between 1/2 and 1pound a week, but it adds up to almost 3 stone and I feel like a new woman! 😊😊😊 good luck

  • It is well worth looking at the thyroid Uk health unlocked group and get some advice there. I have been in that group for several years. Contrary to other advice here I would suggest that you do not reduce calories or do any kind of vigorous exercises. Both can reduce metabolism furthur by reduce the available T3 which is a thyroid hormone that is most effective for weight loss. Thyroid care is not good in this country but there is great support available to help you get better. In the mean time gentle walks, meditation and have a look at myfitnesspal to see how many calories they suggest to maintain your weight and keep an eye on your food intake there. especially if your weight gain is exacerbated by over eating.

    I am now doing really well as a result of lots of posting on thyroid uk, am losing weight without any reduction in food and have loads more energy. I have also been greatly helped by some homepathic remedys.

  • Thanks. Never thought about a group - will get onto it x

  • I'm not a medical expert, but would shouldn't your treatment for underactive thyroid treat this? I thought that giving people thyroxin is to make their thyroids work the same way as someone who has a "normal" thyroid. So may be you need to see your GP in case your medication needs adjusting?

    Otheriwse, a strictly counted 1200 cals a day should get the weight moving. This is a tough challenge, but it is do-able, if you add a lot of veg to your lunch and dinner to fill you up.

    Good luck!

  • Hi I have an underactive thyroid too and after not being able to lose weight over a few years did some research and discovered that I may have been taking my medication at the wrong time. The research suggested that by taking the medication half an hour before food first thing in the morning then it was more readily absorbed into the body and would work more effectively. I checked this with my pharmacist and started taking it this way and with the help on this forum I managed to lose nearly 2 stone in 22 weeks. Always check with your own doctor/pharmacist though - but just wanted to share in case it was something that you were not doing and may help :)

  • Wow! Thanks for the tip x You have done soo well - a great encouragement and motivator!

  • Thank you. Stick with it and I am sure you will be successful soon. Best of luck :)

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