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Start of a new journey - day 11

Good afternoon everyone, how are you all on this sunny afternoon?

Ive had a bit of a lazy day today, started, after school drop off, with a job interview. Don't think it went very well, I'll find out on Monday if I got it or not - will keep you posted. Then I went to meet my friend for a cuppa, catch up and lots of cuddles and smiles with her 10 week old son.

I'm am now in the process of trying a new recipe for dinner, Chinese style pork with egg fried rice, with all the fat trimmed off the pork and dry fried rice. Lets hope its a hit with my boy.

Have a good evening.

Take care


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Hi Rosie,

Good luck with the outcome of that interview. Glad you've had a good day, and hope your Chinese style pork with egg fried rice is as delicious as it sounds! :-)

Hope you all enjoy it.

Lowcal :-)

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Hi Rosieb10 :)

I'm good thank you. :) Good luck to you for the job, I hope you get it. :) Aw, cuddles from babies can bring a smile to anyone's face and newborns especially are just so sweet. ♥

Good luck with the recipe, let us know how it went down! I'm having Mexican bean soup with wholemeal bread/toast for my supper. I can't wait! :)

Enjoy your evening. :)

Sazkia x ♥

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