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No weight loss since January!


What am I doing wrong. Help please. I walk my dog in the mornings I then go to the gym 2-3 times a week I walk to work and back so it totals about five miles a day. Although I Have a desk job I do try and move around a lot. I am good with my food during the week and I allow myself treats at the weekend and I still have not lost a pound since January. I really don't know what I am doing wrong. Maybe my treats at the weekend are to much and undoing all of my good work during the week? Any help advise or support would be great as I am at the end of my tether. I am classed as obese at five foot and 12 stone. 😕

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Do you drink? Alcohol has a lot of empty calories in it.

What do you treat yourself to on the weekends?

Write down a typical day (perhaps, exactly what you ate yesterday- meals and snacks and drinks) and we could see where the issues lie.

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Hi yes I do drink mainly on a sat night. I don't eat a lot of treats but I think it is what it is and the calorie content. I will try this weekend and make a note of what I an doing. Thanks


Have you checked your BMR? . Also write down absolutely everything that you eat and drink for a week, and check the calories with an online calorie counter such as Myfitnesspal.

You are probably not overeating otherwise you'd have gained weight, but most likely you're eating at a maintenance level without realising it. You need to reduce intake by about 20% to lose weight . Lots of us use myfitnesspal to guide us.

Hi yes I do have my fitness pal as I have a fit bit. Only problem is I really don't have the time to fill in the food or weigh things out. This is when I rebel when I have to stay counting things!

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I know the feeling. I quite happily counted in order to lose the weight, but now I am in my second year of maintenance I still have to keep to around 1500 otherwise I gain. I can easily exceed my max if I don't count at all. It is certainly not how I hoped it would be, but it looks like its a way for life for me now.

VickyDLM2 stone

You might also try weighing out your portions when you serve meals. I found that while what I was eating wasn't too bad, I was eating 2 or 3 portions at each meal! If you're not gaining it's probably not that bad, but it could still be they're slightly large.

Good luck! :)

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Cut out the alcohol and try to find healthy alternatives for your treats...perhaps have one treat during the weekend and not treats as in the plural? I hope you manage to lose some weight soon! Good luck! :)


You sound like me last year! I ate healthily so why was I gaining weight? The answer was portion control. 😕 You are similar height and weight to me and I had to eat between 1200-1500 calories, slightly more after a really intense workout. This equates to 6 oz bread/rice /pasta per day. (One slice from a large seedy wholemeal loaf is almost 2 oz.) So breakfast cereal and a sandwich was using up all my carb quota. So with dinner is was way over. 😕

Similar with meat etc, one portion is about the same size as your palm, so a whole chicken breast is two portions, or all your daily totals.

Please don't despair, if you are not gaining you are almost there, you just need to tweak your calories down slightly 😊

Good luck!

Hi I have just started following the Mediterranean diet so cutting out carbs not an option on that. feel a lot better on it as don't feel the need to eat the rubbish but I think it is habit at the weekend's that I need to break. Will try this weekend and make healthier alternatives. Thanks x

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Definitely don't cut out carbs - they are a vital nutrient 😊 Just watch the portion size 😊 I love Mediterranean food, lots of veg and salad, 😊 All very healthy.

Like I said, you are doing all the right things, just need to tweak your portions slightly 😊

Good luck 😊

Wil let you know what happens next week when I try and tweak this weekend!

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