So surprised with today's resultπŸ˜€

So surprised with today's resultπŸ˜€


As some of you are aware I was looking to purchase an exercise bike and thank you to all who responded with advice. However in the end I have purchased a road bike. I have had it about a week had slight teething problems however all sorted.☺

Well Mr T and I have been married 39 years he is 76 years young.

Mr T suggested that he might also like a bike after having a little go on mine. For me that filled me with apprehension and dread.

Mr T has had 3 CVA''s is diabetic and has serious spinal problems so the thought of him on a bike filled me with serious apprehension.

Today we went to a country park and decided to hire a bike for MrT . I had researched the route 5k.

Firstly we had to fit the bike rack to the boot of the 4x4.😠 Omgosh ever felt you was on candid camera. I am sure the neighbours was laughing at us disagreeing wirh which way the straps went. That was just the beginning πŸ˜€

Anyway we arrived at the Country Park. Armed with his hire bike and a gungadin helmet off we went. However just before starting Mr T tucked his trouser leg into his sock.πŸ˜‚

Mr T hasn't been on a bike for over 60 years and around 50 years for me.

We had probably gone 200 yards with Mr T leading with me encouraging him shouting from the rear to slow down go steady be careful etc. I dare not raise my eyes they were firmly fixed to the handle bars - petrified.

We had probably travelled 250 yards when Mr T had gone from my vision. All I could see was him sat in the grass with his gungadin helmet poking up slightly visible through the grass.

What happened I asked he said I waited for you and when I stopped I forgot to put my foot down - you can imagine he toppled over still in a seated position into the long grass.

No harm done except grass stains on his knees. He said it along time since he went home with grass staines on his knees.

So we stopped for lunch we had only gone 250 yards but I was concerned his blood sugars may be out of sorts.

After lunch we got back in to the saddle. Anyway guess what - yes we made the 5k in one piece.

I am so proud of him he did so well and really enjoyed himself. And yes he now wants his own bike. 😨

Truthfully he was far better than me. Bless him. He couldn't have walked a quater of the distance he traveled on the bike. Who would have thought.

Picture is from the country park.

The day in the life of Mr and Mrs Trulyplumptious X

PS I wouldn't change a thing.😍


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18 Replies

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  • that's such a lovely account of a smashing day 😊 lovely photo too.

  • Oh thank you.

  • How are you today? feeling better I hope☺

  • I love this, thanks for sharing.

  • Aw Thank you I enjoyed writing it ☺

  • Oh Truly! What a fantastic account of a terrific day! Thank you so much for sharing it with us! I feel utterly ashamed of my temerity on my bike and will use you and the amazing Mr T as my motivation and inspiration! :)

    Keep on cycling! :)

  • Oh thank Moreless for your very kind comments.

    Never thought we 🐒 would actually make it back safely let alone 5k!!!

    I do feel so responsible for Mr T I had a plan in place should anything go wrong.😐

  • You both did brilliantly! :)

    Mr M and I have been married 39 years too :)

  • What a fabulous story 😊❀️😊 Loved the bit about grass stained knees!! Lol πŸ˜‚

    Very well done! Happy cycling 😊🚴🏽😊

  • Aw Thank you Anna just suprised we made it round and safely.

  • Ah how lovely so glad you both enjoyed your day my daughter has not long had a new bike she is 9 so I've been taking her out first time without stablelisers on but I'm having to jog after her so I'm thinking maybe if I had a bike it would be easier for me!!! But we could always go off like you have done today to a nice park for our bike ride . So nice reading your story such a inspiration tell Mr T his great πŸ˜€πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜Š

  • Thank you Lizzy yes I have been following your posts with you and your grandaughter and your jogling i am impressed.

    So good your getting out there. You never know you could get a bike - I think it is a good idea.

    I will give Mr T your message. You've probably made his day. Don't think he has had a message before.πŸ˜‰

    Just completed my 6000 steps. πŸ˜₯

    Keep me posted x

  • That is wonderful-bet muscles will ache tomorrow but worth the effort.

    Well done Mr and Mrs.

  • I will let you know ☺

  • Hi 70plus

    Well believe it or not my muscles are fine this morning suprisingly.

    With the walking and cycling my thigh muscles are developing.

    Just having a job waking up this morning feeling tired. Need more coffee.☺

  • That is great-stay positive and enjoy 😊.

    Will you need to drive to a "safe" place to ride or can you just push off and go (with Mr T keeping an eye on you or vica versa!) 🐒

  • Hi 70 plus

    Mr T had a hire bike 8.00 for 2 hours so we can't just go from home unless we can invest in a bike for him.

    I have tried cycling from home but I live in a hilly area so I spent some time walking on my maiden voyage that's why we went to the country park nice and flat except for one little gradient.

    My new bike has 18 gears which filled me with anticipation. The one Mr T had had 21 gears. However I now understand them better and worked them out.

    Being in the park allowed me to concentrate on getting used to the bike the gears balance and steering.

    We really ambled along stopping starting enjoying the view.

    Although I have a gel saddle omgosh the saddles of today are a nightmare or is it my posterior that's the problem I honesty can't remember this being an issue when I was younger!!!!!😨

    Mr T has lots of physical activity issues but he found a freedom yesterday. He couldn't have physically walked a quarter of the distance he travelled on the bike yesterday. He'said a little star.🌝

  • What an uplifting tale to read this morning! Long may you both enjoy your bicycles ☺☺

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